Expenses in taking NCLEX

  1. Hi everyone! just want to ask those have taken up NCLEX here in the philippines.. All in all, how much did you spend for the application of NCLEX alone? not including the review fees.. I'm planning to apply this year but I only have limited financial resources.. Thank you in advance for all your replies! :spin:
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  3. by   unadunad
    I spend a total of 500 dollars,i applied in vermont,and it depends on what state are you applying.e.g NJ charges 225 $ for the application alone while in 139$ in texas..
  4. by   Silverdragon102
    Please Please remember You are not applying for NCLEX you are applying to be a license nurse in the US . NCLEX is just a part of that process

    Each state will have their own fees on what they charge. Pearsonvue the fee is set at $200 plus $150 if you plan on sitting the exam outside the US.

    Unless Ca (plenty written on why we don't recommend it at the moment) we recommend that you apply to the state you want to work in as that will mean more added expense as you apply to that state when ready to work as you generally still have to meet their requirements for foreign trained nurse

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  5. by   tobby_walter
    breakdown of expenses:

    BON application for licensure @ saipan = $85
    Documents forwarded to BON via courier roughly estimate = 4000
    review for the nclex-rn exam at kaplan = 23,500
    board and lodging where i had my review per month = 4000
    daily allowance = 1,500/ week for 3 months
    pearson vue = $200 + $150 = $350
    airplane ticket to manila roundtrip = 3,000+
    hotel accommodation = 850/day

    do the math for the total expenses i had. it will matter if your going to enroll in review center or self-review and your location.
    it is indeed expensive for the licensure exam and you need to pass it to justify the expenses that you need to endure.. good luck then on your plans for the exam.
  6. by   iamnomad

    State licensing fee- around $100-200 (depending on the State)
    CGFNS CES (if required)- $375+
    IELTS (if required)- Php8640 (?)
    NCLEX fee- $200
    for Int'l Test Center- +$150

    plus FedEx fees, transportation, etc.