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Hi everyone, thanks a lot for this forum. I would appreciate if anyone can share your student life experience as nursing student. I have a dutch nationality and am planning to study nursing in one... Read More

  1. by   baliling
    Hi Sharrie and Ayla,

    Hope you are doing fine. i just got invited for interview from one of the Unis I applied in Scotland and had a telephone interview last week from Glasgow Uni. they invited me for the summer school programme since I had studied biology, chemistry long time ago. I'm really excited, I'm just waiting for confirmation letter from Glasgow within this week, hopely I'll be in glasgow by 1st of June to attend the summer school. If does not materialise I still have two options.

    Would be glad to hear any tips for the interview. I knew Ayla mention some already but if you have more to add. it would be highly appreciated.

    At the moment I am so busy doing two voluntary works in an elderly insti. and hospital, at least I could mention these on the interview.

    many thanks for all your help and prayers.

  2. by   XB9S
    That's really good news, i am so thrilled for you.

    Interview, relax and be yourself, they will want to know about you and why you want to do the course. Live experiences and choices that you have made, that kind of stuff.

    Good luck
  3. by   baliling
    Hello Sharrie and Ayla,

    Hope everything goes well with you both.

    Time flies so quickly and I am nearly heading towards the end of my training. I'm just about to start my critical care placement and Im so excited about it, though nervous. Then I will do my 12weeks consolidation in the summer, and that would be me ready to be a registered nurse. I am enjoying my training though can be tough but I am very satified, my Uni is really very suportive and like most of nurses in the ward. Well, I will be completely skint after this course. hahaha. hope I can find a job soon.

    Cheers xxx
  4. by   XB9S
    How fantastic to hear from you, I can't believe so much time has passed.

    Do you have any ideas where you would like to work yet
  5. by   baliling
    Hi Sharrie

    Lovely to hear from you.

    There is not many job in the region where I am. So maybe down to London and there is also a job in Singapore in fact there is an interview in March. But I don't know which country offer better professional development. Any idea about Nursing in Singapore?

    Best wishes xxx