English nurse, licensure and NCLEX....advice please!

  1. Hello,
    I am an english RN with 10 years experience and work in the ER. My husband is American and next feb we are moving to Florida. I am finding the application process for licensure fairly complicated and was wondering if anyone who had been through it could give me some advice or direct me to someone who could (for example,I looked at the Florida Nursing Board website which told me to go the CGFNs website,which I did where I was directed back to the Florida Nursing Board website!!???) I already have my green card and it seems most agencies that assist with licensure applications and NCLEX preperation, only help those who need assistance with green card application as well. Any advice would be appreciated and any tips on how to study for the NCLEX! I am feeling a bit out in the wilderness here! Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Welcome to the site! I moved your post to the International Forum where you can get the best advice about the process of coming to the US. There's even a primer at the top of this forum that may help you. Good luck!
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    Welcome to Allnurses.com..............

    Here is the help that you are looking for.

    1. Florida requires the CES, a credentials eval, done by CGFNS to be in their hands before they will even permit you to take the NCLEX exam.

    2. You must apply to a state for licensure first, they they grant approval to sit for the exam, and you will receive the ATT (authorization to test) once you have paid the fee to Pearson-Vue (www.pearsonvue.org) and they have also received an okay from Florida.

    3. When did you graduate and what is your specialty? You will need to have the minimum amount of hours to in all of the required subjects to be able to get a license here, and that includes mental health, as well as maternal and peds.

    Hope that this helps..................
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    Thanks Suzanne,
    I have been qualified for 10 years and my speciality is ER. I hope I have the required amount of hours and if I don't,what can I do about it?
    With regards to the CES,can I apply for that at any time or does it mean I am commited to sitting the NCLEX exam within a certain time frame? I could apply for the CES now before we return to the states in Feb. Do I need to sit the CGFN exam for licensure in Florida or just the NCLEX? Thanks for your help is is REALLY appreciated!
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    good luck in your process you have come to the right place
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    You can start the CES process now as it will take a few months. You may have enough hours as your training is over 10 years it is more the recent nurse training that has problems. If you are short on hours you may be able to find a school of nursing in the US which will accept you as a guest student to make hours up, you won't really know until you hand CES report to Florida BON and they will decide. You do not need to sit CGFNS exam for Florida
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    Where in FL will you be living?
    We will be moving to winter garden near Orlando in a next few months.