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  1. Dear friends,
    Can anyone please tell me that what is the process of transffer of RN license from Nova scotia(NS) to Alberta(AB) & how much time it takes to get it done.I am outside of canada & can it be done while I am outside canada? or it is mandatory to work for some duration in NS & then only you can transffer your RN license.
    I am in confusion as I recieved assessment for both NS & AB.
    -For NS I have to go through,2days general competence assessment & have to pay Cd$1500
    -For AB, I have to go through 5days full SEC assessment,free of cost.
    Recently,I got permanent residence visa & planning to land early next year as a permanent resident.My main motto is to settle in AB. for AB,I got SEC appointment in late 2012 but for NS I can get around early 2012.Here,I want to seek guidance from our esteemed seniors,who went through this situation or have knowledge regarding this,that what will be better for me-directly go to AB & appear for SEC in late 2012 or go early & attend assessment in NS early,get eligibility,write CRNE then transffer RN license to AB?
    Which route will be better for me in terms of getting RN license early.
    I am little bit scared that as I have comprehensive SEC assessment for AB,may be I need to go some remedial education!! which can delay me.
    Sorry!! I asked too much but all these thoughts revolving around my mind everyday & its difficult for me to concentrate on studies & make my plans,if anyone can help me & put some light for me in this darkness.
    I am highly excited after getting PR visa,but depressed due to lack of direction.
    God bless you all.
    Thank you
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  3. by   itsmejuli
    THis is your third post asking the same question.

    Pick the province where you want to live and do all of your assessments there.
  4. by   Fiona59
    Like Juli said you have to decide where you want to settle.

    It's not cheap to move a household from NS to AB. Then you would be looking at the expense of two practice permits in one year. Yes, you have to pay in each province you are permitted to work in, so most Canadian nurses only pay for the province in which they live and work.

    Despite holding a NS permit, CARNA may decide you don't meet their educational standards and still require you to do upgrading.

    It's isn't an endorsement really. When you move interprovincially, the new province goes over your education and work history and decides if you are qualifed to work there.

    AB and NS are two very different places to live in. Each has their drawbacks and selling points. However, neither one is really calling out for nurses.
  5. by   NotReady4PrimeTime
    As this thread is identical to two others you've started and it more properly belongs in the International forum, this thread is now closed. As you were advised in the two posts above, you need to decide on a province and follow the process for that province. There are no shortcuts.