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  1. Greetings, I am new to this forum and I have a request. I am a registered nurse and live in the USA near Chicago Illinois. I have many years of nursing experience and am presently a graduate student working on a Master's degree. As a class assignment, I am to find an e-mail pen pal who is a nurse from another country. The purpose is to share nursing, cultural and educational experiences. It would be good if this person were also a graduate student but this is not mandatory. Would anyone be interested? I would be very happy to hear from you. Thanks.
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  3. by   renerian
    I hope you find someone interested in helping you. I just finished my Masters degree..........................feels good.

  4. by   Diana in Sweden
    Hi babe M, I will write to you if you like.. cool
    pm me and I will give you my e-mail
  5. by   mother/babyRN
    Sorry, I don't count.. I am stateside, however I am on the East Coast and that is almost another country...:
  6. by   lisamct
    Hi there, I'd be happy to help you if you think I can.
    Im a Registered Learning Disability Nurse in Scotland, qualified 1994.
  7. by   suehp
    Happy to help also if you want. I'm a Nurse Manager of a Nursing Home (hopefully soon to be in Florida!!)
    Qualified in 1989.

  8. by   karenG
    I am also happy to help.........see now you are spoilt for choice!!

  9. by   QTnurse
    Hi Babe. I have the same assignment. I need a nurse from another country for a global partner too. I'll watch for the responses. g2g 2 class. bibi
  10. by   Cleacia
    Please forgive me if I am intruding on this thread. I am a nurse here in the States but will be moving to England. If anyone is interested in taking me under their wing for some guidance, it would be much appreciated . I have so many questions and have no idea where to begin.

  11. by   carcha
    hi im a registered nurse who works in the or in ireland. any use?. glad to help. either way good luck
  12. by   carcha
    hey cleacia, fire away with the questions, we'll all help out.
  13. by   Babe M
    Hi, Thanks to all who have replied to my request for a pen-pal. I really appreciate your help. Since I can't write to all, I am passing this site on to my classmates who also have this need. Hope this is okay with you. Thanks again.
  14. by   Cleacia
    I keep hearing that nurses in the UK have less of a patient load than here in the US. Is that true? Where I work I can have 8-10 patients. Also, is it true that y'all do less duties thus freeing up more time for quality patient care?

    Thanks for offering to help .