Dual Citizenship - page 2

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  1. by   cariad
    you can only apply to become a citizen after 5 years residency in the us, unless you have married an american citizen, then you are allowed to apply after 3 years.
  2. by   susanbeaver
    I am british born, but I became naturalised as an american after living there for 17 years. So I am now a dual citizen. I am living in england now and I can work in both countries. I have to file american taxes, but because I have no money being earnt there either in wages or property etc. I do not have to pay anything. I do pay english taxes, it evens out in the end. If you have a green card you are only aloud out of the country for a year at a time. You could go back and forth to keep it valid. You can still work here on that too. But I do not think you would get benefits such as social security. It is best you become a citizen and do it soon it gets more expensive each year. I do not know about your husbands status in england with all of this, make sure you find out. But because I have been back and forth right from my childhood I have had to research things. Let me know
  3. by   susanbeaver
    If you are british, naturalised as an american you go into uk on british pass and into us on a us pass. I was told this when entering the uk with the american pass that i had used on leaving england 3 wks before.