Do I need to wait for BON's go-signal before I can register for pearsonvue?

  1. Hi! I hope you can help me with this.

    I have submitted an application to NM BON some 3 months back because I heard they process applications the fastest there. However up until today, I have not received confirmation that they received any of my papers. My question is, do I need to register at pearsonvue first before I can determine status of my application and acquire ATT from BON, or do I need to wait for NM BON to give me the go signal before I can register at pearsonvue?

    Until now I have not received news from NM BON that they received any of my documents which they require from applicants. I am starting to become a bit anxious that perhaps there is something I am not doing right?

    I would like to express my thanks in advance to all those who can take time to read this thread.
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  3. by   suzanne4
    Suggest that you do not register with Pearson-Vue until you know for sure that your application has been approved and accepted by any BON. If it is denied or they require additional information or courses, the time that Pearson-Vue will keep your acct open may be less time that ti will take to get approval.

    ATT is actually issued by Pearson-Vue, but only after they have recieved permission from the BON to do so and you have paid the fee. NM also onl yhas a short window in which to write the NCLEX exam.

    You may wish to follow up to see if they recieved all of your documents. How did you pay for the applicaiton? If by bank draft, you can check to see if they ever cashed it.
  4. by   aspen2010
    Thank you so much for the advice Ms. Suzanne.

    I'll ask the bank whether the check issued NM BON has already been encashed.

    I have e-mailed NM BON inquiring the status of my application but have yet to receive any reply. In my previous calls to NM BON, I was always redirected to an answering machine and the messages I left went unanswered even though I left them my e-mail address and my phone number, which is why I'm a bit hesitant to call them again.

    I am concerned that perhaps they have found me ineligible for licensure and I am waiting for nothing because I do not know status of my application.

    If an application is approved or denied by a BON, will the applicant be informed by the BON about it?
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  5. by   suzanne4
    You will always be notified.. But you do not even know if they received the application and the other documents that they need in the first place.
  6. by   aspen2010
    That is a good point. Thanks!
  7. by   marilag16
    My application was received by NM BON on Dec 4, accdg to the Fedex website. The school requirements were received a few days prior.
    A month ago, Ms. Vidaurri told me thru email that she was working on November & December applications. I emailed her again a week ago and she told me that she is currently working on a 4-month backlog. My spirit was dashed!!!
    But this morning, I got my LONG AWAITED eligibility. So take heart, it will come soon:spin: ..