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  1. I have just filed my application for Visa Screen. My dilemma now is deciding whether to pursue my reapplication for NCLEX with CA (having failed on my first attempt) or filing an initial application for licensure with NJ. I do not have an employer yet but I have family in NJ. I am considering Suzanne's advice about not applying for initial licensure with CA, but I want to know how long the process will take if I start all over again with NJ. How many months do I have to wait to get an eligibility? Likewise, would my CGFNS Certificate suffice for the CES requirement or do I have to apply for CES? Thank you!
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  3. by   Silverdragon102
    Have moved your post to a thread on it's own as you had originally posted in a thread nearly 2 years old.

    May be quicker and cheaper to re apply to CA and then arrange to transfer your NCLEX results to NJ if that is your end result on where you are looking to work. CGFNS cert may not be enough for NJ and you need to apply for CES but would have to do that if you are looking at working in another state than CA anyway. Only NJ can answer that so you would need to contact them to see if it can be accepted. The decision really is up to you
  4. by   suzanne4
    The final decision is up to NJ to make, suggest that you contact them. Last I heard was that they were no longer accepting the CGFNS Certificate and that you would need to have the CES done.

    The CGFNS Certificate shows that you passed the exam, but it is not a credentials evaluation, very different. And it is really not a bad idea to go for the CES since if you wish to continue on with your schooling, it will be required.

    You still need to meet the requirements of NJ for licensure in the first place and the requirements are the same whether you take the exam for CA, or take it for NJ at this point. Remember that you still need to go thru the License by Examination process since you will not be issued a license by CA without the SSN#.

    Best of luck with what ever you decide to do.