difference between TESDA and CHED accreditation.

  1. I need to know the difference between the TESDA and CHED accreditation?

    If a school is accreditade ONLY by the TESDA, does it also have to be acrcreditade by the CHED?

    if a student is a US citizen and have completed ADN program in a school that is accreditated by the TESDA can the student apply for the NCLEX-RN in the USA. if so what step's must be taken to accomplish this.

    Can anyone Please help..... on the subject matter.

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  3. by   Silverdragon102
    You will always have to meet BON/BRN requirements for foreign trained nurse if trained outside the US and as long as you meet requirements you will be allowed to sit the exam but remember you are not applying for NCLEX RN but licensure to be a RN in the US of which NCLEX is part of that process.
  4. by   spongebob6286
    TESDA accredits schools or institutions who offer vocational courses...
  5. by   suzanne4
    CHED credits the programs that are the BSN and only those.
    Any of the others are not recognized by the Philippine government for licensure and are considered vocational training in their eyes as well.

    The issue becomes a major one if the grad from the ADN program is desiring to work in a state that requires the local license. One is exempt from the exam if they have only US citizenship and do not hold dual citizenship since they would not be given permission to sit for the exam.

    But it is up to the individual state to make the determination on what they will and will not accept. And they are not required to accept it since the Philippine government does not accept it for licensure and one of the rules of most of the states is that the nurse be considered a first generation RN in they country where they trained and the ADN does not meet the requirements in the Philippines for this.
  6. by   STelpa1
    Thank you to all that replied.