did anyone fail their first rpn exam?

  1. Did anyone fail their first rpn exam? how did you handle it? did you apply for temporary license? did you get fired after letting them know that you failed the exam? can you apply right away to write the second exam? i need some comments about these..thanks!
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  3. by   Fiona59
    Are you in Ontario and are you talking about the CPNRE?

    If yes, well you get three tries to get the license. There are only certain times of the year to write it, so you need to contact the provincial college of PNs to find out the next date.

    I worked with someone who failed it three times and had to quit her job. You just keep working at GPN wages until you bring in the pass certificate. Most employers are pretty up to speed on the exam and they will be asking about the pass/fail document.

    Good luck on your next attempt. I think the next time is in May.

    If this is about Reg. Psych Nurses, forget I said anything.
  4. by   rpn_exam
    Hi Fiona, thx a lot for replying. Yeah, i live in Ontario. I graduated December 2006. I wrote my rpn exam January 10,2007. They will mail the result in 4-6 weeks. I find the exam very difficult. I'm just preparing myself for the worst and asking feedback. Are you still in touch with that friend of yours? Aww that is so sad, what happened to her? Did she repeat the program?

    Yeah, the next exam is in May. I applied before writing the exam. I had to cancel an interview because i dont want to get hired and then get fired if i fail. It will be so embarrassing. The wait is brutal and stressful.
  5. by   S.T.A.C.E.Y
    Fiona59: Someone can continue to work as a grad PN AFTER they've already failed once? I thought once someone failed, their temp licence was revoked and they had to wait until a pass to get their real licence and begin working again.
  6. by   Fiona59
    Woman that I worked with continued to work right up until she got the third and final FAIL notice. GPN's are paid NA wages until the PASS is achieved. When the PASS is brought in you received retroactive wages back to your hire date. The GPN in question told me that she wouldn't recieve a full settlement only for the time involved from the second to third writing. She had various reasons for the first two failures: family from overseas visiting, nerves, worked a night shift and then wrote the exam, etc.

    The sad thing is she was good at her job and did know what she was doing.
  7. by   linzz
    Maybe you passed. I say this because a bunch of wrote together and we all thought that we failed and we all passed the first time. I think the exam and the atmosphere in the exam is very overwhelming. Good luck.
  8. by   rpn_exam
    Yes, i passed. Thank God!....I graduated as a Practical nurse(2 yrs diploma) in Ontario Canada and passed the canadian rpn exam. I would like to know what is the equivalent of RPN here in canada to the US. LPN in the USA is a year program, so i think i'm more than LPN. Is it equivalent to associate degree program in the US?
  9. by   Fiona59
    Congratulations on the pass. But a Canadian LPN is an LPN in the US. Ontario is the only province that uses the term RPN for a PN. In western Canada an RPN is a Registered Psychiatric Nurse.

    Alberta has had their four semester PN programme for years. It is usually back to back with one or two weeks off between semesters, so although we only attended classes for 13.5 months we packed in two academic years.
  10. by   Mischa G
    Yes I did. Acctually 3 times. It's very difficult. But I pulled thru. I had perseverance. You just have to tell yourself you can do it and believe in yourself. That's what I did. I also had the exam prep guide which helped me a great deal cause they are the same type of questions that they asked in the real provincial exam. It's gave me an idea on what to expect.
  11. by   mariemac123

    I live in Nova Scotia and I just failed the cpnre...It's very frustrating. where do I go from here? Do I get my books out and study all over agian or do I just try to get good at doing multiple choice...As I do not do very good with them...Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated...

    Frustrated in Nova Scotia..
  12. by   NotReady4PrimeTime
    You do both. You will do much better if you have a good grasp of the material, but knowing the tricks for multiple-choice exams won't hurt. These are things my daughter, who has ADHD, has learned about how to succeed with multiple choice exams:
    1) Don't read into the question. Go only on the information actually there on the paper. Make no assumptions. If it isn't in the question it won't be in the answer.
    2) Eliminate the obviously wrong response. There always is one that jumps off the page as being totally incorrect.
    3) Eliminate any response that contains an absolute. Words like "always" and "never" will not appear in the correct response.
    4) Make sure you answer every question and that your responses are lined up properly with the questions. If you miss one bubble on the response sheet, the rest of them will be automatically wrong.
    5) Go with your first impulse. Don't go back and change answers. The odds of changing a correct answer for an incorrect one are much higher than the other way around.

    Look at some practice questions and see if you can put these "rules" to work.

    You probably have time to apply for the October exam. Go get 'em!
  13. by   mariemac123

    Just wondering if anyone ever had the rpn exam hand corrected after they failed and did you pass then? I failed and am just wondering if it is worth having it hand corrected....Any recommendation????
  14. by   nurse xox
    Study hard