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Did anyone fail their first rpn exam? how did you handle it? did you apply for temporary license? did you get fired after letting them know that you failed the exam? can you apply right away to write... Read More

  1. by   nurse xox
    Ya I passed this is a good course to look into
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  2. by   1976
    can anyone sugest me abt the courses to prepair 4 RPN Exam
    &abt the good book to study

    im new in Toronto
    Welcoe all sugestion
  3. by   RNGrad2006
    Quote from rpn_exam
    Yes, i passed. Thank God!....I graduated as a Practical nurse(2 yrs diploma) in Ontario Canada and passed the canadian rpn exam. I would like to know what is the equivalent of RPN here in canada to the US. LPN in the USA is a year program, so i think i'm more than LPN. Is it equivalent to associate degree program in the US?
    In the US, the scope of practice issue is what determines the education more than the length of the program. Our LPN program was longer than one year and I went to school in the US. It was 5 quarters in length. In order to get my RN I then had to take a transition class towards the RN since they don't deem the LPN as having the same role as the RN. Then I still had another full year program for the RN. But it also does vary state to state since each State Board of Nursing decides on Scope of Practice issues just as the College of Nursing does in Canada.
  4. by   linzz
    I have heard that in some states that to go from a Canadian RPN to an RN, it is about 1 year of school. However, I am sure that it is just not that simple to move there, go to school and work. My father works in the U.S.A. and although his work wanted him there, it still was no walk in the park getting through immigration.
  5. by   carlangas
    I will writte my RPN exam for the 3rd time soon ( two weeks) I study the Canadian PN Prep Guide,what else I can use it??
  6. by   Mister_Nurse
    good luck writing to the people writing tom
  7. by   skye13
    Hello everybody, 'ts my first time in community. Hey Mischa, could u pls tell me where did u get the "exam prep guide which helped me a great deal cause they are the same type of questions that they asked in the real provincial exam"?

    would be very thankful.
  8. by   Fiona59
    Two things:

    It's a NATIONAL exam, written on the same day across the entire nation.

    Buy the Prep guide at your school.
  9. by   skye13
    thx a bunch Fiona. i'll check my school out.