Continuing Education Units

  1. Hello, would you know where I can get the 30 hour CEU here in the Philippines? Are they available online? If so, please give me the websites where to go.

    This for somebody who is licensed in Northeren Mariana Islands but is expiring next month.

    Thank you very much! redbeatheredbeathe:heartbeat
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  3. by   tobby_walter
    as far as license renewal is concerned the deadline for the submission of the CEU's is April 30, 2009 and beyond that date there will be an xtra fee to be charge. anyway with regards to CEU's anything online whether free or with pay is accepted by the BON. I just received my renewed license yesterday and I was happy because they lengthen the expiration from 1 year to 2 years period.
  4. by   tobby_walter
    you can try the following website:
  5. by   mayvst
    Really?? I'm happy to hear that! Bon would accept CE from any free website? They would honor that? I've read in the New mexico BON site just awhile ago, that they will not accept any CE as long as it is approved by the BON. So, meaning it should be honored and accredited by them.

    I'm confused, because, there are CE that are so expensive, like Narcotics for just 3.5 contact hrs and pay $49. That's quiet expensive, right? So would you go for it, or take for it free? But the question is, would the BON approve it, if you would go for free sites? Are they gonna honor it when you renew your license..

    I will renew my license soon. This coming August, I didn't know there's a deadline for submission of that stuff... Grrrr!!!

    Anyway, thank you for taking time reading my question, and I hope you could help me answer my questions...

    Take care and God bless.
  6. by   smuggy
    Please ask the CNMI (Saipan) Board of Nursing for a list of their accredited CEU providers. If you will enroll in a CEU course (starts at $20 for 30 CEUs) that is not accredited, your license will not be renewed. The NCSBN ( offers CEU online courses but they are too expensive.
  7. by   henry hernandez jr
    Hello everyone....I also got a problem with the continuing education provider accredited by saipan. i tried to call their office but the receiver answered me with "i dont know, search it online" and dropped the phone right away...i tried to search it online but i cant find any specific CE provider accredited by lisence under their board is about to expire but i have not yet earn any units.

    Please help...

    i still dont have the list of accredited provider..

    thank you...