Choosing A NCLEX ReviewCenter Here In Phil. - page 3

Hi! i Jst want to ask any NCLEX Passers from the philippines.. what, in your opinion, is a good or probably the best review center here?? I really dont know which review center should i go..... Read More

  1. by   kathykaye
    :yeahthat: i agree with you jay.
  2. by   lawrence01
    And I agree with both of you. :spin:
  3. by   ndc2006
    Quote from suzanne4
    Sorry, there is no link for it..............first tip is on the NCLEX Forum, the rest comes from me.
    hi ms suzanne, can you please send me also your study plan, i think i need it so bad..hoping for your kind consideration, thanks in advance..good luck always for helping us pass the exam, thanks for being kind...ndc2006
  4. by   lawrence01
    Please do visit the NCLEX discussion forum she was referring you to. Read the sticky there concerning it. You have to Suzanne's 1st tip first.