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Does anybody know the staffing structure of CGFNS/ know any source of it? I would like to find out the name and contact method of the higher level staff, like department manager, president, dean etc.... Read More

  1. by   suzanne4
    Glad things worked out for you......................
  2. by   wmarat
    Quote from Oreo
    Dear wmart,

    I've contacted their account manager directly from the info in the directory. She is a nice and reasonable person. She arranged a staff to help me. As my request letters were, in fact, received for a long time (although all of the customer service staffs said that none of my letters were received in the past four months!), I've received my money back yesterday. They work efficiently this time. Although some of my information was still sent out without my request, I, at least, get back a reasonable arrangement.

    In fact, the happiest thing for me is not the money, but is your help. I felt so upset and lonely before. I am glad that I get lots of helps and supports from this forum. Wmart, I would like to show my deepest appreciation to you. Thank you very much.
    Dear, Oreo!
    I am really glad to be able to help you out. Unfortunately, I know this feeling of lonliness and should deal with. Good luck, Marat