CGFNS and Visa screen... when BON?

  1. Hi again... and thank you for the advice for the CGFNS exam stuff. I am still missing small bits and bobs about this visa screen and Boards of Nursing.
    I understand the CGFNS mob do the visa screens and I have read the info on the web site as well as Suzanne4's valuable advice. Will the CGFNS require again all the forms to be filled in by the school (blue form with hours theoretical and clinical) or will it be enough if the schools send the transcripts to complete the data they already have????? I have done the TOEFL and TWE, TSE pending and planning to start the visa screen process now.

    Another shadowy one... when can I apply to take the NCLEX then? Must I wait until I get results from my July CGFNS before I can apply and have ATT?

    Looking fwd to hearing from you!
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  3. by   suzanne4
    You just need to send the application and have your school send your transcripts, if they didn't in the beginning. I have my studnets send in both the form and their transcripts with their application for the exam. Saves alot of time.
    It depends on which state that you want to work in.....Illinois requires that you pass CGFNS first before they will allow you to sit for the NCLEX. Most others do not. Take a look at the application on-line for your Board of Nursing, and see what their requirements are. If CGFNS pass is not mandated then by all means go ahead and get it submitted as quickly as possible. California has at least a 6 month wait for the letter, and NY depends on how quickly you get everything completed for the Verification, done separately through CGFNS.

    Hope that this helps................
  4. by   suzanne4
    Whatever documents that CGFNS have do not need to be duplicated.
  5. by   Geena
    Thank You again. Will go through the BONs and check whether they need CGFNS pass prior to giving ATT!
  6. by   suzanne4
    You are more than welcome....................
  7. by   nuisance
    hi suzanne, iv seen dat u know a lot bout cgfns, visa screen and stuffs. u know i hv been havng problems lately regarding my visa screen. u see i have been with a certain agency here in the phil which send nurses abroad, i started with them last may 2002, i have passed my cgfns that time. they let me fill out papers like applications for visa screen, and they sponsored me to get TSE. unfortunately, i did not pass it. I was wondering what might happen to my visa screen application. Since then I have not been in touch with them since they have not been doing anything for me until now and I have heard they were having problems with their client in US. This year, I took the IELTS and made it. I am planning to look for another employer but my problem is what happened to my visa screen application before. Does it have expiration. Should I apply for another? Would it be possible that my previous employer would be holding it? please help me thank you so much.
  8. by   suzanne4
    May, 2002 or 2003? Have you received your CGFNS certificate since you passed your English exams? I would contact CGFNS and find out if they have a full file on you, or if something is missing. As long as you got the English and CGFNS exam completed within the two years, you should be okay.

    How long ago did you apply for Visa Screen and did you pay for it or the employer? Do you know fora fact that the previous agency submitted all of your documetns for Visa Screen? Have you checked your account on the CGFNS website? I would start first with that..........................
  9. by   nuisance
    hi again suzanne, tnx for replying. yes, i already have my CGFNS certificate.

    Honestly, I am not really quite sure when or if my employer really applied for my visa screen. All i remember is they let me fill out an application for visa screen and let me take the TSE last year (2003) but i did not make it. in the first place i dont even know the documents needed for the visa screen. I was hoping they would help me with the whole process but it is not like it. You mentioned my account on CGFNS website? Can you help me with that? You mean I could go directly to that site where I could check on my account and check on my documents? Thank you so much. You are really a great help on this. Looking forward to hear from you. Thanks
  10. by   suzanne4
    1. Go to CGFNS website, Click on applicants .
    You will need to set up an on-line account, for this you will need your CGFNS number that you were assigned. Once you get this set up you can see hwat was done on your behalf,or what wasn't done.
    2. When you submitted for the exam, did you have your nusing college just fill in the form or did they also send along a set of your transcripts? If so, you will just need to send in the application, if not, you will need to obtain it from your school just like before. If you do need the application, it can be downloaded from the CGFNS website. Just click on programs and go to online applications . It can be downloaded from there.
    3. Did you ever have your IELTS results sent to CGFNS? If not, that is next on your list to complete.......

    Hope that this helps...............
  11. by   nuisance
    hi suzanne! im here again. thanks I did not know I could check on my account with the cgfns website. unfortunately order of services prior to January 2003, was not available. it says there that I should contact them by phone. may i ask, if ever my previous employer had applied for my visa screen for the year 2002, and i only passed the English exam this 2004, would that application for visa screen still be valid?

    I included CGFNS to the institutions that I want my english test results sent even ICHP. I have seen in my account in the CGFNS, that they have received my application for IELTS from IDP (where I registered for IELTS) but i guess CGFNS has not yet received the results because it was not seen in my account.

    anyway, thanks, that would be my question for now, i hope you wont get tired.
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  12. by   suzanne4
    I would just suggest that you go ahead and call and have them check their records. Which state are you planning on working in? If it was sumitted two years ago, then it should be good, but if you already have your CGFNS certificate and don't have the Visa Screen Certificate, and both were just waiting for the English, I would guess that they never submitted the paperwork for it.
  13. by   nuisance
    hi suzanne, thanks, i guess too that they did not submit for application because i did not see it in my account at cgfns. actually it would be okay for me to work anywhere but if i would be given the choice, I would like to try florida or california.

    if you don't mind may i ask where are you working right now? are you an american?

    have a nice day!
  14. by   suzanne4
    I am an American RN with over 25 years of work experience in the US. I now live and work in Bangkok, Thailand. I own and operate the only licensed school in the Lingdom teaching Conversational English to nurses and doctors over here. We also prepare nurses for working in the US.

    California will take you about 6 months to get a letter to take NCLEX exam.
    Florida will be much quicker, especially since you already have CGFNS certificate, however the salaries from there will be less than California.
    Something to keep in mind. But since you have the CGFNS certificate you can go anywhere in the US.

    Hope that this helps....................