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  1. Help I haven't got my O Level certs- never took them with me when I left home as I was already nursing by then so have never needed them. I phoned my school and the exams officer was one of my best friends at school :spin: so that was a result. Schools transcripts only go back to 1991 but they can do me a letter to say I completed my education but are unable to confirm my results- I think it is all crazy as I started my training before my 18th birthday- I was the baby -something I could not have done without enough O Levels.
    Anyone else got over this hurdle?????????????
    I am starting to feel very old and decrepid and yet my life is supposed to start later this year when I hit the big one
    Many thanks for all the great info I have been getting
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  3. by   misswoosie
    I assume you are talking about CES from CGFNS? If you attended high school more than 10years ago they exempt you from high school qualification verification.
  4. by   AZ hopeful
    Thanks- yeah I was surprised when they emailed me for school transcripts!
  5. by   Silverdragon102
    may be worth ringing them or writing to them and tell them it is over 10 years and you have no record. Mine was definately not counted as over 10 years
  6. by   suehp
    I never had to submit my O level certificates - Iwas told at the time not to fill that part of the form in - so I didnt and it was never a problem from what I remember.......
  7. by   RGN1
    When I applied for my VisaScreen CGFNS actually stated on-line that my secondary education was exempted from the CES part of the process - even though I had sent the copies of my "O" & "A" level certificates. Therefore I think you'll find you won't have a problem when it comes to it. Just send what you have.