caregiver who wants to work in the US, pls help

  1. Hi, my employee prior to working in my household underwent caregiver training course as per her aunt's advice who works in the United States ( I don't know about her aunt's job in the US), her aunt will arrive by March to help her process the necessary documents for her to go to the US since she told me that her aunt has a friend who is a doctor in the US who is willing to help her. Am I right to tell her that it is not possible or is there hope since her aunt has a friend there? Thank you very much
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  3. by   Silverdragon102
    It is very hard to get a visa for the US and if she is hoping to work in a hospital or nursing home then I don't think it can be done for immigration no matter if she has a friend as a doctor, makes no odds with immigration. I am sure Suzanne will be along soon but as far as I see it unless she did RN training it will be very hard for her to get to the US to work unless she is going over like an au pair and that is on a special visa and can only work for that family
  4. by   suzanne4
    Caregiver certification will not get her a visa to work in the US. Legally, she can't get a visa with just that.
  5. by   mtjmnov
    Thanks Silverdragon and Suzanne, may I ask about being an au pair? She mentioned that to me also, that's one of the two jobs being offered to her by her aunt, is it also difficult to get a visa for that? Are there any special qualifications for that or caregiver training will suffice? And are there any qualifications for her employer also, must she be extremely rich? I think her aunt will hire her if she will not be given a job in the hospital.
  6. by   suzanne4
    When her aunt sees what she will need to provide to the US government to be able to hire her, she will not go for that. It is definitely not easy, and her aunt would have to be very rich to get it approved.

    Right now, with immigration as it is, it will be almost impossible for her to get a visa to work in the US legally. And if she does it illegally and gets cought, she will get deported.
  7. by   mtjmnov
    Thank you very much Suzanne.....always