can canadian get TN to work in the US?

  1. I am a canadian LPN wanting to get Rn from excelsior college. and in order to do the rn regester exam, i need 200 clinical hours. i can't get TN visa to work as a LPN in usa. how can i get the 200 hours? anybody know? in addition, i found a job in a nursing home last month, but was refused to get TN visa when i tried to apply one at the board.they said that only RN can apply TN, not LPN. is this true?
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  3. by   EricJRN
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  4. by   augigi
    Maybe you'd need a student visa, since you need student clinical hours? I'm sure someone will know more than me!
  5. by   suzanne4
    The TN Visa is only available to RNs from Canada or Mexico. It is not available for LPNs in any way.

    Where are you planning to do your clinical hours at? And which state are you planning to go for the license?

    One thing that does come to mind, is that your LPN license i from Canada: most facilities are going to require that you have a US LPN license to be able to get the clinical hours in, since you are in a bridge program. That is not the Excelsior part, but the actual facility.

    Your LPN license from Canada does not permit you to function in any role in the US.

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