BSN grad but will start as nsg. attendant

  1. Hi, im yoo jin from the Philippines and will be graduating with BSN degree in march 2006. I really want to work in other countries esp. Australia.

    Can please someone guide my way through applying for a job in au any job ie attendants etc. that wouldnt require you any work experience? Id like to go to au as soon as i graduate. i wont be taking local board bec. im going there as an attendant.

    Are there exams to take for aspiring attendants? what about agencies or employers that can employ you for that? Is placement fee too expensive or employers will provide that? I have a friend in Sydney that I can go to in case I wont have a place to stay.

    and eventually, if I think its the right time to switch to my real job-to-be (nurse) will they require me to go back in the Phils. to take the local board?

    Im really in the dark here. I am willing to do any job bec. I am.
    THanks for helping
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  3. by   suzanne4
    You will be making a big mistake if you are considering this route.
    Take the time and do things properly and not trying to cut any corners. You are only hurting yourself this way. You are setting yourself up to be taken advantage of, and that is not the way to do things.....

    But it is your choice...............we will help, if you want to do it properly and correctly, your quick way, you are on your own.............
  4. by   gwenith
    I agree wholeheartedly with Suzanne - take time do your boards and get that licence in the Philippines. You will have more opportunities here if you do and you will not be entrapped. Don't fall for some quick easy scheme.
  5. by   yoo jin
    Oh,ok. That is exactly in the back of my mind. After all, Im on my second to the last semester in nsg school :hatparty: