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  1. I have just found out that I am eligible for temporary registration in Canada. I have a year to take the exam. Has anyone got any advice or can you recommend any books that may be helpful. I have been registered in England for 15 years. I do keep up-to-date and mentor students, but obviously I am worried about how different your exams may be!! I don't want to mess it all up now that I have got this far with my application.

    All help greatly appreciated
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  3. by   disher
    You can order a study guide through Canadian nurses association, their website is
    Click on English, click on publications, scroll to "the Canadian RN Exam Prep Guide" (278 pages). The guide will give you some idea of what the exam is like.
  4. by   Gailsimpson
    Thanks very much. I have taken the code of the book and will see if our university bookshop can get hold of it for me.
  5. by   Marijke
    Hi Gail,

    Don't sweat the exam to much, nothing like the European or US exams. As long as you are able to read and answer multiple choice questions, you will pass with flying colors (don't even have to be a nurse).
    I wrote the RN's 12 years ago, when my English was Dutch high school quality. After 2 days and 400 multiple choice questions, I was starting to question if this was the real exam.
    It is however good to do a couple of practice exams, so you know what to expect (lots of psych). Those books where not available 12 years ago and I had no idea what expect, so I studied for the American NCLEX, total waste of my time, but a good refresher course.
    Good luck and I hope you will like Canada. I read a lot of complaints about wages in Canada, but you probably know what it is like earning a lot less.

  6. by   Mazodze
    Iam a recent Ph.D. graduate in Nursing and I am looking for job either in research or teaching in a college/school of nursing. Canada is one of the countries I would like to go to. How do I start? what are the chances? Do I need to sit for the nurse exam too?
  7. by   adrienurse
    Mazodze, the major universities and smaller nursing schools are always looking for people with your qualifications. You may need to speak to the department of immigration to be sure that your qualifications are applicable in Canada. Sadly, this is not always the case, although if you received your PhD in the States, you shouldn't have a problem. You will need a current RN registrations status, so you will need to write the Canadian national exam. Use the above links to find out about it.

    I can't think of any more job links to refer you to, but here's on that may get you started.

    To recieve a subscription the Canadian Nurses Recruitment Guide, send an email to
  8. by   disher
    I agree with Adrien nurse, colleges and universities often have positions available for Ph. D nurses. In addition there are research opportunities in various Canadian hospitals. Other possibilties are research positions with either the Institute of Clinical Evaluative Sciences or the Canadian Insitute of Health information. I know Ph.D nurses who have worked in all of these areas in Toronto.
    As far as the necessity of writing the exam, I am uncertain. I do know the people I have met working in the above areas, all have RN after their name so whether it was a requirement or not they all wrote the exam.
    I am posting some links for you to check out.
    Canadian Association of Schools of Nursing
    This site provides a directory of hospitals in Canada
    Canadian Institute for Health Information
    Institute for Clinical Evaluative Sciences
  9. by   Mazodze
    Adrienurse & Disher,
    Thanks guys for that informative information. First I must say I did my MSN and Ph.D. in the USA, but I gess all nursing council want everyone to take the basic nurse licensure, and may be they are correct. I have just browsed the CNA website and I may have missed it, but I do see where they talk about registration and for foreign trained nurses. I found certification for specialty area, but, Hey. I am on it.
    Thanks again
  10. by   Mazodze
    I have just found the site that talks about the Canadian RN Exam prep.
    I am going to bed. I have an interview with some British hospital at 11 am EST
    Thanks a lot.
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    I am a Registered Nurse from the UK and also have a degree in midwifery. I want to emmigrate to Canada and hopefully find a job in maternity. Can anybody advise me of any agencies that assist british nurses in finding employment and applying for visas?