breach of contract

  1. am planning of buying out bec people who i am working with in ltc are not very supportive of me. they gave me 5 days of orientation only and i dont think i am comfortable
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  3. by   bloodytom
    havent you talked with them? i think they have to know the problem first. you can be sued
  4. by   suzanne4
    I suggest that you speak with them, as well as your recuiter/agency. You will be responsible for usually a large sum of money.

    And let this be a lesson to others here, in the realm of LTC, you are responsible for 30 to 60 patients per shift, and do not get a regular full orientation like you will in a hospital. It is not a place for someone new to the US. Or even a new grad RN that trained in the US. Way too easy to lost your license.
  5. by   group2sub2
    Hi Suzannes,

    May I please know what "LTC" stands for?

  6. by   maigie
    Quote from group2sub2
    Hi Suzannes,

    May I please know what "LTC" stands for?


    "long term care" other term for nursing home
  7. by   group2sub2
    Quote from maigie
    "long term care" other term for nursing home
    Oh. Thank you for enlightening me.
  8. by   maigie
    hi! am fr the phils. too. just got here oct. last yr. you have contract with the agency too? actually , my agency is fine, it is the facility that i am having problem with. people are not really supportive with other nationalities, like us Filipinos.I was given 5 days orientation, then they asked me to work in our sub acute flr. but i refused bec i was not comfortable. So, i have to wait for one wk to wait for their decision to extend my orientation.So no work no pay for one wk. Aside fr the fact that I have waited also for their decision when to orient me after i passed nclex.And that was a no work no pay too. They donot have the system and have to handle more than 20 the sub acute and more than 30 pts, in long term flr doing medpass and treatment and admission. Its very risky. I hope you'll go to the hospitals, but if not. some LTC have good reputation. so good luck.
  9. by   suzanne4
    If you are having issues with the facility, then your agency is not fine. They need to be taking some responsibility for where they placed you, as they are getting a nice chunk of money for placing you there. They did not do it for free. And they should have been aware of what would be done when you were placed. So, please do not blma it entirely onthe facility, your agency is also to blame.

    I am tired of seeing bodies sold, they did away with trading in slaves long ago, or at least I thought so.
  10. by   maigie
    yeah i think you are right. i wont be in a miserable situation if not from the agency, and should made it sure we will be treated fairly. Guess just to have to stay till my contract ends (2 years). And it just started eventhough I have been working as a CNA for 9 months bec it is stated that my contract will start upon passing nclex. unfortunately i was able to sit for the exam after 8 mos. bec of credential eval here in MA.