bothered applicant of ATT....please advise me

  1. My problem is this.I filled-up the form for ATT using my maiden name thinking that it would'nt be a problem.I also sent the form which is to be filled-up by my Nursing school in the Philippines using my maiden name.But somebody told me that i should use my married name bec. in my application for my US immigrant visa and in my passport,i am using my married name.Now to change everything to my married name ,i sent another forms with my married name.But one problem is that my school already sent the form.What i tried to do is send again another form to be filled-up by my nursing school.I hope this would not cause any problem for me in the future.Please help me especially those who had the same problems
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  3. by   Silverdragon102
    All I did was sent a copy of marriage license and letter explaining change of name and had no problems
  4. by   almoret
    Thanks silver dragon..that made me feel better
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    Quote from almoret
    Thanks silver dragon..that made me feel better
    your welcome
  6. by   suzanne4
    But remember, you are applying for licensure, not for the ATT, that is only a document that permits you entry to the exam. There is much more to the licensing process, than just the NCLEX exam.