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  1. I just got off work and I want to vomit. I had a woman in labor begging me for an epidural, crying screaming, etc. But tough for her because our anesthesiologists aren't doing any "unecessary" procedures because of their disputes with the Liberal gov't. At one point I had to leave the room because I started tearing up. I can not understand how a doctor could leave a patient in a situation like that. She delivered a healthy baby eventually, but how will this woman EVER trust health care workers again?

    I completely raged at the doc on the phone and I am sure I'll hear about it on Tues when the charge nurse is back, but I was just so angry How the hell can a doctor justify not caring for a patient because of contract negotiations? I saw the medical associations ad last week and I noticed they never mentioned that 392 MILLION dollar raise they'll be getting. I am so disgusted by them right now. How much money is enough to keep them from harming patients? I have become so sickened by how this health care system is being destroyed. I am sure the gov't is planning on privatising and the docs will make more money, never mind the fact that patients will suffer. I have had it. I am jumping ship. Emailed an American recruiter I know and will be going to the US after Christmas this year.

    Is anyone else as frustrated as I am? How are your areas coping with the Campbell Cuts and the Docs' money grab?
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  3. by   mattsmom81
    Patients in the US are now reporting docs to the the medical board for not treating pain...Congress passed a patient's Bill of Rights and patients now can take action against facilities and docs. Probably a good thing overall, but our 'customers' are also using it to feel even more 'entitled' within our health care system.

    Nursing is sure no bed of roses here, but sometimes a change is good and I hope you enjoy your working vacation here when you come!
  4. by   shay
    I read this on the general forum, Fergus, but got a wild hair up my butt and decided to respond to it here....

    ANYHOO, what Mattsmom said is right...AND, I was just informed by one of the CNMs I work with that ACOG has now made an official declaration that it is unethical practice to not offer a patient an epidural at ANY time during her labor, even if she's 1cm and out of the pelvis. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm................................ ......not sure how I feel 'bout that yet.

    I doubt that would happen in the US and the doc would get away with it (not that it wouldn't happen, but the doc wouldn't get away with it is what I'm saying)....the patient would sue the bejesus out of him and would WIN. There was a case here in the US where an anesthesiologist refused to put in an epidural without a $500 cash payment up front because medicaid and HMOs were being slow about reimbursement. I believe it happened in California. Anyhoo, that doc got sued big time and I believe his license got suspended by the medical board.

    I have no idea what to say about the whole situation in Canada w/your healthcare system. I don't live it, so I can't relate. As an OB nurse, though, that sucks. I've witnessed some grotesque stuff related to pain, and it IS hard to not cry right along with the patient. God bless ya honey...I know that had to be the shift from hell.
  5. by   shay
    Here's a link to an article on that case, btw:


    And here's a link to the ACOG declaration:

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  6. by   fergus51
    Thanks shay. Things here have gone downhill in the last year. We are not an "epidural on demand" place because there are times when we don't have an anesthesiologist on call, but when we do they are expected to do their job.
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    Hey Ferg....where are you going in December? Just curious if you'll be in my neck of the woods.
  8. by   fergus51
    I haven't decided yet, but I want to go somewhere warm for my chihuahua's sake. Maybe California, Arizona, NM, Texas, The Carolinas, Virginia, etc. I am even considering taking a few traveling jobs before deciding on a place. That way I'll only be stuck somewhere bad for 13 weeks or so, and they'll find me housing that allows pets.... Plus I hear the money's nice....
  9. by   Nursemelo
    i posted this as a reply to this on the other thread were you posted this

    I'm a first year nursing student up here in canada. i'm taking nursing because i want to help people. shouldn't doctors want to to help people to??? ...but unfortunately...patients seem to be at the bottom of "SOME" (i don't want to paint all doctors with the same brush) doctors priority lists. 2 years ago my ENT whent away on a three week vacation after seeing my CT showing that i had malignant tumors!!! while he was on vacation my cancer, nasopharyngeal, progreesed from stage 2 to stage 3. Luckily after i fired that idiot i got the best ENT my city has,and the best oncologist in atlantic canada. thank goodness after being in the hands of a careless doctor i was put into the hands of some fabulous ones. i've been in remission for2 years now no thanks to the first doctor
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  10. by   Paprikat
    Well, can I tell you about my night at work. I have a 90 year old with sq. cell ca., who had half her face removed, literally. It is now in her ear. She is in excruciating pain. She is refusing oral pain meds because she cannot comprehend to sit up and take them. She is refusing all food and fluids. She is agressive with the care aides and is lying in bed crying and moaning. Well tonight, I tried to call her MD, no instructions on the ans. mach. about the on-call number. I am now grasping at straws so I called the local ER triage nurse, who said the minimum wait would be 6-8 hours before she is even seen and the ER physician would not order over the phone. So anyhoo, I called our medical advisor, who of course, was not on call, but the MD on call did take a chance and order subcu morphine for her, which was totally awesome as she is not even this lady's doctor and doesn't even know her. I fear what is coming in this province..........
  11. by   fergus51

    Our nurse manager was in and actually (GASP!) supported me in my raging (I wasn't unprofessional, just truthful)!!! The anesthesiologist came in and complained to her about me and she actually asked him to leave the nursing station if he wasn't there to see help any patients! I just about fell over. Did I mention how much I love our new nurse manager?
  12. by   shay
    Rock on, Fergus. Show that jerk who's boss. What an a$$. Don't you just adore having a nm who's a nurse advocate? I luv mine. She's a goddess.
  13. by   fergus51
    We had a horrible nurse manager up until a few months ago, and the difference is amazing!!!
  14. by   jurbyjunk
    Hi Fergus. Although I didn't plan it this way, it was an excellent time to go on vacation. My first day on vacation coincided with the first day of the docs' job action. I'm not back to work until June 17th.

    I also work with a bunch of anesthetists/surgeons. I can't say that I have had much sympathy for the docs in their contract squabbles with this provincial government.

    As I nicely said to one of them (the top paid anesthetist in this province, the one who made over $600.000 last year and who was mouthing off about how ill-used he felt), " 'scuse me, I don't remember you thinking that there was anything wrong with this government trashing OUR contracts. Remember last summer, when we had a contract legislated down our throats. Remember Bill 29, which then proceeded to trash those contracts, and which cut all funding for specialty courses. I didn't notice BCMA supporting us. I only heard from one doc in support of us. And she was willing to stand out on a picket line (if we'd actually had one), holding a sign in support of us. Remember all the lies about "nurses refusing to take care of seriously ill patients" that were being spouted by the head of HEABC. Remember how we were portrayed in the media. You do remember those things, don't you? Remember when you told me that you didn't see anything wrong with a nurse being sent to work anywhere in the province for 30 days 3 X year, or anywhere within a 50 km radius for up to 7 days at a time. Well, welcome to what it feels like to be trashed by this government".

    As far as I'm concerned, they can all be put on an hourly salary. Although I must admit that I take a great deal of pleasure in knowing that Colin Hansen has at last found a group that he has not been able to treat like crap and get away with. Eventually, bully-boys do meet their match. It also pleases me enormously that a good many of these docs voted for this government.

    And in case you're wondering, no I am not an NDP supporter.
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