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  1. geetings!

    this is my first posting here . . .
    saying hi to y'all from wisconsin!

    just read the thread re: moving to
    the states

    i found it interesting as i have been
    toying with the idea of moving to canada

    when i first heard they were recruiting
    foreign nurses to work in BC i started
    looking into this

    i took a trip to have a look around and
    really fell in love with fernie/golden/
    revelstoke/nelson area . . . beautiful
    land and an old timey feel to life there

    i also found one of the best things about
    canada was canadians ~ btw


    but the more i find out about the red tape
    and things i've been picking up about the
    canadian health system and economy has
    raised some questions

    i met a canadian at a ski hill in montana who
    came down from BC to work and told him i
    was considering moving to canada to work
    and he looked at me like i was nuts

    i talked to a doc from canada (totonto)
    at work the other day and she
    said resources (when she left) were spread
    pretty thin in can. hospitals (including nursing

    i was suprised that i would have to come up and
    take the canadian boards and that there is no
    licensure by endorsement . . . i applied with the
    BC nursing board in early march and still haven't
    heard back from them . . . and i guess the test
    is only offered four times a year . . . and that
    cadidates don't even find out the results of their
    boards for months(?)

    here in wisconsin, i heard back from the state
    board of nursing in less than a week, scheduled
    the test at my convenience and then found out
    i passed in two days (on the web)and got my
    license in the mail the day after that.

    im just wondering if the bureacracy reflected by
    the licensing process is reflective of the canadian
    health care system as a whole?

    sorry for rambling, i guess i have some
    questions about the possibility of working in
    canada . . . and looking for some input/
    reality checks

    nice to meet ya'll

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  3. by   Gator,SN
    HELLO! Welcome to the Boards! I hope that you stick around and post often. Good luck with the move!

  4. by   fergus51
    I just moved from BC to Ontario, and can tell you that the resources in BC aren't that much different from hospitals in the states. The bigger hospitals have the better staffing and there are several places in the Vancouver or Victoria areas I wouldn't mind working in at all. The main problem I had was a lack of regular full time and the political situation which has resulted in hospital bed closures all over the province. I am sure you could find full time in the Fernie area, but you have to accept that working in a rural place means a lot less of the conveniences that you could have in Vancouver. The upside is the relatively low cost of living and the beauty of the area.

    As far as red tape:
    I had to go to the States to write the NCLEX as well and could only be informed of my results by mail which took 5 weeks (this was from the Minnesota BON). When I wrote the CNAT I also got the results by mail in about 5 weeks, so it really isn't much different. I certainly wish the US and Canada could work something out where they endorse eachother's nursing lisences!
  5. by   oraibi
    Fergus51 wrote:

    I am sure you could find full time in the Fernie area, but you have to accept that working in a rural place means a lot less of the conveniences that you could have in Vancouver. The upside is the relatively low cost of living and the beauty of the area.

    Oraibi queried:

    when you say less conveiniences, do you mean as
    in good chinese resturaunts or like MRI's?

    btw . . . BC has an agency in place devoted to
    recruiting health care workers:


    re: reciprocation ~ i talked to one of the recruiters
    in BC and they said that they used to have a
    reciprocal licensing agreement with the u.s.
    (back in the 70's or 80's)

    how's that for progress!?

    in addition to the mountains i have had a long-
    standing interest in the arctic and was wondering
    if anyone has ever worked in nunavet of the nw
    territories or anywhere up near the arctic circle

    i was searching on the web and saw they actually
    have programs in arctic nursing . . .

    i would second the nomination someone made for
    wisconsin as a nice place to live and work . . . which
    i part of what makes the prospect of leaving more difficult.

    thanks for the feedback!

  6. by   Sarah, RNBScN
    RE: Nunavet try Medhunter.com

    They have alot of posting for Nunavet and other areas of the great white north. They have both Canadian, USA, and Europe postings.

    Best of luck.
  7. by   fergus51
    I mean MRIs and specialists when I say conveniences, I think Fernie has a few good restaurants thanks to the tourist industry.

    BC probably used to have reciprocity with the US because until the 70s or so Canadian nurses wrote the same exam as American nurses did.
  8. by   aginggracefully
    Hello. I am really new to this and so I hope I get this message to you successfully. I just got back from Nelson, BC. I also would like to relocate up there. In fact, my husband and I just bought a little-fixer-upper in the Slocan Valley. I poked around and didn't get much info. It sounds like you got more than I. I spoke to a nurse in Nelson, though, who said there was reciprocity with the USA!!?? She gave me a website (that I have lost) to write to. It is something like "RNCBC". Have you started the process yet?

    I have another idea. I have 2 friends who travel and actually like it. They say even if the job is really crappy, they know it is just for 2 months and the money is great. I was thinking about taking travel assignments in Seattle, Idaho, Wisconsin, etc, working for 2 months at a time, and then going to B.C. just to enjoy life for a couple months at a time.

    What do you think about that? Write soon, Robin
  9. by   HUCtoRNBScN
    Hello All,
    I currently work as a unit clerk on Vancouver Island, in BC. I have only worked as a UC for the past 3 months, but I can tell you that BC is in desperate need of nurses. I've decided to go back to school next year for my BScN, and I can be guaranteed a job while I am still in my 3rd year. There are so many postings on the health authorities websites. They are willing to pay relocation fees for new nurses, and will often give signing bonuses. BC is a great place to live. The larger cities, such as Victoria and Vancouver, can be a bit pricey if you are looking for a house, but the smaller towns are significantly less expensive. There are a lot of smaller cities just outside of the bigger cities, so you could make the commute easily, in little time. On one of the floors where I work, we have atleast 3 brand new undergrad students, working part-time and going to school. Check out the local health authorities website, they five lots of insight into what it's like to live in BC. Or check out the tourism BC site.


    Hope these help!