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:balloons: :balloons: :hatparty: To all of you here, I want to share you my happiness that we just received our immigrant visas early this morning ( Saturday here in the Philippines). We had our... Read More

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    So happy for you! Rep. what a big and happy family ! :hatparty:
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    congratulations. it's been worth the wait.:hatparty:
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    superb man!
    Wish all the very best to Mr. Bill Gates Jr.

    Quote from Rep
    :hatparty: To all of you here, I want to share you my happiness that we just received our immigrant visas early this morning ( Saturday here in the Philippines).

    We had our interview just this Monday November 14 at the US Embassy here in Manila.

    We have a 6:30am appoinment and we arrived there at 6am. There was a long line already at the gate of the US Embassy. At 6:30, the embassy guards started to let us in by group of five or six. they checked our things and for those who brought their cell phones were delayed at the door. Since we did not brought any, we were rush in immediately to the inside of the Embassy.

    Inside the embassy, a guard shouted instructiuons that those who have a 6:30 appointment should form a line. For those who have gotten early ahead of us but with a later appointment were told to sit and wait for their time. So for those who come so early with an 8:00am appoinment have to wait a long time.

    First , a staff asked for our appoinment letter and our ds-230 forms. Since I have submitted already he just asked when. I told him three months ago. If a ds-230 forms is more than year old already, an applicant will be asked to fill up a new one. Then he told me to wait for my name to be called.

    After a few minutes, my name was called and instructed to go to Window X, the guy asked if the I am the person in the petitioned and how many are going with me. He also aked if have money to pay for the additional visa fees. I said yes and he gave a piece of paper to the cashier beside his window. He also gave me a piece of paper containing a number and said that will be my number during the interview.

    I paid the necessary fees and started the game of waiting.

    Soon enough, our number was flashed on the electronic board corresponding to a certain window. We went to that window, the lady there asked for my visa screen certificate, my PRC license, the notarized letter of job offer and photocopies. Plus the lady asked for wedding and family pictures. I have all of these prepared so there was no hassle. She asked some questions regarding travelling abroad and then she interviewed each of us. She even asked my daughter if i and my wife are her parents. After that we were told to go back to our seats and wait again.

    A few minutes later, our number was flashed again and went to another window, this time for the biometric scanning. My wife and I were fingerscanned but my three children were not. The lady inteviewed my wife regarding our children then she said, " hm... big family, very nice."

    Then we went back to our seats again. In less than 10 minutes, our number was flashed again for ROOM 31.

    This is the final interview. The guy there inside, a tall one, asked us to raise our right hands and swear to tell the thruth. This goes like this. " Do you swear that everything written in this forms (ds-230 ) related to your employment based immigrant petition is true and correct?"

    Then he gave me the part II of the ds-230 forms for me to sign. I signed also for my three children and my wife signed hers. He interviewed me first regarding my employer, how I got to know my employer and my salary. He asked me if I am working as nurse now and I said I am presently working as a medical representative. He asked if I have nursing experience which I said have worked as one several years ago.

    The he asked my wife a couple of questions. But the most humorous part was when he asked my 6 years old son. He asked the name, age and school. He asked what is the favorite subject in school and my son answered' computer." He said, " so you want to be Bill Gates?' to which my son answered,? "Yes." and then you will make a lot of money so that your father and mother will not work anymore?'" And my son said. "no." Everyone of us have a good laugh at that. The consul knows how to put us at ease but he is strict is a sense. Then he interviewed my two daughters, 5 and 2 years old.
    After that I saw him took a piece of paper beside his table with green and white stripes and marked with " Immigrant Visa Approved" Then he said which unitl now I can still hear clearly in mind. " It seems everything is in order. Congratulations! You can go outside and wait for your number to be called again. They will give instructions regarding your visas. Congratulations." We said " thank you to him" several times and for all the happiness I felt I embraced my wife in front of all the people there.

    Outside, our number was flashed again and we went to a window where the lady returned to me all the original documents, visa screen certificate, license and job offer. she gave us a pink form and instructed us to go outside of the embassy to a pavillion where we paid our couriers fee to Delbros. We left the embasy before 10 o'clock in the morning and yet it seemed a lifetime already.

    Thursday morning, I received a text message from Delbros informing me that our visas were with them already.

    From the first day of interview ( Monday), it took exactly 5 days to have our visas in our hands.

    For all those who are waiting I know your time will come.

    We are still on CLOUD NINE !!!!:hatparty:
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    congratulations rep!!!!!!!!!!!

    actually i am crying while reading your post...hahaha..

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    congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sail on!!!! new mountains to conquer!!!
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    Quote from Nurse Dependent
    i am so happy for you, brother.

    at last, all the hard work paid off!

    Thanks. I think with the two to three months processing of Packet 3 at NVC you and your wife will be receiving your Packet 4 soon. Good luck Pare!
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    Congratulations Rep!!!! Awesome!!
    Thanks a lot!
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    congrats! :beercuphe
    thanks a lot!
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    When do you arrive? You will have to bring the family to dinner here.

    I am so happy for you.................
    Thanks a lot. I will leave once I received my Interim Permit. February would be the date. I will remember the offer of dinner.
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    Congrads , do tell us how you get on when you get there and start working.
    Yes, I will do that. Thanks.
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    CONGRATULATIONS!!! :hatparty:

    Thanks for all the advice!
    God Bless you and your family!
    Thanks a lot and good luck to your plans to live and work in the US.
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    How wonderful! Congrats
    Thank a lot!
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    So happy for you! Rep. what a big and happy family ! :hatparty:
    Thanks a lot and good luck to your plans of working as a nurse in the US.