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  1. Hi everyone! Does anyone here applied or is considering to undergo Dialysis Training in Asia Renal CAre? The training costs Php10,000 for 2 months. Do you have any feed backs about the training? I don't have any paid hospital experience yet but since I find it hard to apply in different hospitals, I'm considering paid trainings.
    Is the training worth my 10K? I'm hoping to hear your feed backs. Thanks a lot.
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  3. by   krausse19
    Where is Asia Renal Care located? What are the requirements? Thanks.
  4. by   trulyblessed
    Hi krausse, Asia Renal Care is located along Quezon Avenue, just beside the Sto. Domingo Church. The training will start on June 29, which is on Monday. You may register with them on that date but be sure that you arrived there before 8am and bring with you your resume, tor, 10K payment, and other usual credentials including IVT. I believe the orientation is on that same date also. I haven't decided yet if I will push through my registration with them on Monday because I'm still weighing my options. Some of my friends who are already working there said that there's a possibility to be hired there.
  5. by   gambutrol
    wow! 10,000.. that's quite expensive.. for some nurses this is already their 1 month salary.. but if you want to enhance your skills and doesn't have any job, maybe this is a good idea instead of being at home
  6. by   tsoky
    Hello! May I know if there is anyone here planning to attend the Dialysis Training at ARC? Does anyone know when is the next batch for the said training? I am interested to register for the next batch.
  7. by   ehhh
    Ako din interested dito? Any updates?
  8. by   jms8
    i'm interested too. do you get to work with ARC after the training? because Braun also offer dialysis raining for 9000 only for 5 weeks i think. is ARC still offering dialysis training? nothing on their site that says they still do.
  9. by   harvest moon
    ASIA RENAL CARE (ARC) is having their next batch of trainees in July, just called them this afternoon. For inquiries,their contact # is 7412627
    Is it true that there would be a higher chance of getting hired as a dialysis nurse if you finished their 2 months training??? thank you
  10. by   Yunazure
    Honest opinion? I've been there and I regret spending 10k for that training. Yes, I got the enhanced knowledge, skills, blah blah... yet I'm still unemployed. Make sure that you have high chances of getting hired as dialysis nurse (with the help of a backer, of course) in hospitals and dialysis centers. There's really no demand for nurses here in our country let alone a dialysis nurse. So good luck to all who are willing to shell out a huge amount of money for nothing.
  11. by   jeniii
    It did help a lot with the skills, knowledge.. It was very hands-on. However, if you think you won't have a dialysis nurse job after this training (backer), I agree with Yunazure, all the training will go to waste. I personally liked it and applied in dialysis centers, but no luck.