Are LPNS in Demand across Canada?? - page 3

I've worked in two provinces. My scope of practice has only been limited by the facility I've chosen to work for. So, lets do a rolecall. Which province are you working in and are you... Read More

  1. by   canadianrpn
    I am and RPN in Ontario andwork on in an acute care hospital on a general medicine and telemetry floor and use my full scope of practice. Don't find there are as many opportunities for employment and it is primarily part time; you dont get many scheduled shifts and rely on "call ins" or cover for full time employees taking time off. There's work you need to be flexible : )
  2. by   freshlpn21
    I am an LPN in Minnesota i work in LTC, there are 6 full time LPNs and 8 part timers, there are 6 RNs, I do everything including immunizations, RNs are only present from 8am to 430 pm and mostly are in care conferences with families, they will do some wounds, and paperwork, but after they leave for the day it's all me and the other LPN, only 2-3 LPNs on at a time in a 60 bed unit. But i am planning on starting work in ontario sometime this year and if they are phasing out RPNs then i am out of luck.