anyone heard of this agency?

  1. Avant healthcare based in orlando Florida. Have done a search and can't find any threads on them.

    They are one of the agencies who pay upfront for all your exam and visa fees, but are not asking for guarantors and offer minimum $22 per hour pay, but it varies according to location and experience.

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  3. by   letina
    Yes, I know them. I had some contact/discussions with them when I first started out. As this is an open forum, all I will say is, I stand by my earlier advice to you.......stay away from agencies, especially if you have a specific area you want to work. You can do this without an agency, I did, and many before and after me.

    Just ask yourself you really think any agency will get you to the US without making any $$$'s for themselves? Doesn't make sense. They have to make money somewhere along the line, it's a business, and their money will ultimately come from you.
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  4. by   jayann
    i went to see them when they had their presentation. here is their website browsing...
  5. by   suzanne4
    As we keep stating, you will actually be paying for all of your exams, etc. It will be taken from your pay to a tune of about $10,000 per each year of your contract.

    It is up to you as which way that you want to go.