anyone applying in ust?

  1. hi! i am one of the eager to work new nurses. JUst wanted to hear from those who have applied to ust hospital. It's been a month since i submitted my application and until now i haven't heard from them. I have satisfied all the requirements they needed. is the process of application really long? i'm 35 by the way. Thanks:spin:
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  3. by   meliza72
    hello. anyone here who has recently applied to ust hospital? it's been a month since i submitted my application anf until now i haven't heard from them. i have met theit their 80% and above ratings but the one thing that worries is my age. i am exactly at the age limit which 35. just wanna know if indeed the process takes this long coz i've heard it usually takes 2 weeks to be scheduled for exam.Should i call them? help me please....
  4. by   Crystal_Raven
    I applied there too

    I submitted my form last october, had my 1st exam the next day and was supposed to take the 2nd test the next friday.

    It seemed great but the thing is, this girl in their HR department isn't doing such a great job. grr! They were to send you a text message if you'll be taking that 2nd exam and so the waiting begins. The afternoon before the supposed test, my friend got a message from them but still nothing for me so i called. She said that i had to wait for that text but it didn't come I decided not to go there coz it would be such a hassle to travel almost 2hrs when they didn't even texted me.

    When my friend took the test, my name was actually announced & many others who didn't receive a text message so we missed our exam and we had to be rescheduled this november.

    Some applicants actually had to wait a month before taking their first test, etc so you really have to follow up on your application
  5. by   meliza72
    thanks crystal_raven. and congratulations for overcoming the first hurdle.

    heard the clinical exam was hard. goodluck on your succeeding exams.
  6. by   Crystal_Raven

    the 2nd part of the test is about nursing-related questions. multiple choice =)
  7. by   meliza72
    did you take the 2nd exam already? how was it?

    followed your advice and called HRD. the girl on the other line first asked what school did i graduate from. hearing that it's a provincial school she just informed me to wait for a text message.
    are they making exam schedules based on schools. hope not.what school are you from anyway? you were lucky to have been called for the exam a day after submission.

  8. by   akoitoh
    hi.. is it ok to pass the requirements to HR, even without PRC license card?
  9. by   devshop
    they require applicants to submit their requirements completely. which is also a good thing because all your papers will be put together and there's less chance of losing them. hehe.
  10. by   Crystal_Raven
    uhmmm... i'm from ust. she didn't actually called me to come the next day. she immediately told us to be there the next morning for the initial exam. i'm still to take the 2nd test, hopefully the next one would be next week.

    about the requirements, some can be given upon follow-up, ie. license, pna membership, etc. =)
  11. by   BonesGilmore
    I submitted mine last august but until now, they haven't sent me a txt yet which is weird because my requirements were complete and my rating is above 80%. So I'm planning to send the requirements again next week. Did they stop hiring or something?
  12. by   meliza72
    hi bonesgilmore!

    they are continuously hiring.. sad part is when are they going to call. from what school are you? you can try calling hrd to inquire about your status. i already did... all that i got for an answer was to wait for their text message as they will give equal chances to every applicant...
  13. by   solace

    I've already passed the qualifying exam for USTH. Unfortunately, it's taking a long while for HRD to text me regarding my initial interview. Just a warning, HRD of USTH is really a big pain. I completed my requirements before passing them to HRD. The thing is when they lost my RLE record. I passed my original copy since I just got it from my college and passed it to them. I was the one who fastened them all together so I know that I did compiled it completely and properly. But then they lost it. Good thing I have another original copy. So be careful when you pass your requirements.

    Try to follow up on your application but be really patient. Some of my friends were able to take their exam after 3-6 months of waiting. Also, USTH's giving priorities to their graduates. After all, it is where their graduates were trained for 3 years.

    Hope this helps. Just don't lose hope.
  14. by   meliza72
    thanks solace!