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  1. hi! i know this is fftopic: but i need some inputs bout it.. my older sister is a physical therapist and plans to apply and take the NPTE (national physical therapy exam). im the one downloading forms and reading websites for her.. :zzzzzcoz i want her to have a license in the US too..:smilecoffeecup:

    before, they (FSBPT) have a testing center in US territories (like guam) but it was no longer available since oct.18, 2006. they can only schedule their appointment in any of the approx 300 testing centers in the US.

    my question is.. how can my sister go to the US and take her exam? i mean what type of visa will she apply?... is it a tourist visa? student visa? i dunno..

    can she have a tourist visa if she can just show the eligibility letter and/or ATT to the embassy as a proof that she will take the NPTE exam?

    any idea? hoping for your response...
    many thanks!

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  3. by   lawrence01
    First of all what year did your sister graduate? There's a very new ruling now that those who graduated in 2003 and above must have a Masters degree to qualify for green card while those who graduated before that year can still qualify w/ a Bachelors degree.
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  4. by   kathykaye
    2001. so she can qualify for the green card (sched a) too, right?
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  5. by   suzanne4
    Physical Therapy requires a Master's Degree, but not the MSN to work in the US now.