Alberta Hospitals and pt loads???

  1. Would like to know what the patient loads are in various hospitals throughout Alberta?

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  3. by   elizabeth321
    Depends on where you are working. What are your plans.
    In ER in the higher acuity area two nurses share 7 patients....potentially more if we are working in the hallways.
    In the less acute area a nurse and an LPN share 7 or more patients depending on how many are in the hallways
    Up on the medical floor on days you have 6 patints
    On evenings a nurse and an RN share 16 patients. (with a float)
    On nights same as evenings.
    Anything in particular you are focusing on.

  4. by   Fiona59
    Uhm, beg to differ. I work active treatment. Days get three surgical patients. Evenings-five. Doesn't matter if if you're RN or LPN. Nights have 30 thirty patients with three RN's, one LPN, one charge.

    LTC is another story. Some units have med LPNs (upto 45 patients), treatment LPNs(ditto), some units combine the duties and reduce the patient ratio(25 patients).

    Don't know about ER. Just know its busy...
  5. by   elizabeth321
    How ridiculous to start your post by saying "um beg to differ" is the answer that I have to answer the post....your answer is yours....good lord.

  6. by   linzz
    Just a question for you Alberta LPN's. I noticed from your posts that you refer to the ER in regards to patient loads. Do Alberta hospitals have LPN's in the ER and their children's hospital, is it called Stollery or something? Just wondering and wishing I lived in Alberta. Here in Ontario, we have a children's hospital that does not hire LPN's at all and I have heard that few hospitals have LPN's in emergency. Why this is, I don't know. All I am saying is that it seems that LPN's have many more options in Alberta than other provinces. Well that is enough complaining for tonight. Thanks for listening to my rant.