ahhh USA, as the destination of many...

  1. Talking about the process of how to become a licensed Nurse abroad,monetarily speaking alone:spin:…it could explain wholly why USA is the #1 destination of Filipino Nurses.
    By just less than a 100,000Php, one could be licensed in the US…but someone whose interest to apply is either in Australia, Canada, New Zealand just to mention a few….one must invest half to 1 million Php.
    Good thing that in the Middle East, if one has 1-2years paid job experience or even without experience in the Hospital setting and with less than 50,000Php expenses, one could make it there, which is the main destination now of Filipino Nurses as the retrogression and recession currently going on...
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  3. by   Be_Moore
    It is probably also worth noting that USA is (probably?) the highest paying country for RN's on the planet. With average RN salaries around $60-65k USD...it's not difficult to land jobs that will put you in the 90-110k USD range either, if you are okay with traveling. Compare the US payscale to that of Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Britain, France, so on and so forth, the other systems seem to fall short.

    Granted that not everywhere is the US is very efficient to live...California pays the highest but the costs of living don't scale proportionally..there are plenty of places in the US where nurses are in the top-earners brackets of the region, making them relatively wealthy. Lots of places like that in Texas.
  4. by   mcleanl
    It is my belief that Canadian nurses are very well paid. New grads in Ontario are making around $29/hr or 60k a year.
  5. by   Fiona59
    Hey, as a part time (and I didn't work anywhere close to full time) LPN in Alberta I made $45K last year. I don't consider that shabby either.
  6. by   pedicurn
    NZ isn't too shabby either but COL too high
    When I lived there, I earned $80,000 fulltime no overtime ($60,000 base and $20,000 weekends and nights)
    But income tax is high and sales tax of 12.5% on everything.
    Housing was very expensive for something cheaply built and poorly insulated.
    Food at least $200 per week for decent nutrition
    electricity $150 per month
    Gasoline $75 per week
    Nice clothing very expensive