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  1. If i apply to a BON to do my NCLEX, then decide I want to go to a different state than my license is in, would i have to have my license endorsed before i apply to direct hire hosptials or could I do this whilst my green card is in process.

    I know with a lot of the direct hire agencies they are fine with this and don't expect you to have the license in the state and you can sort it out after you have a job offer and sponsorship, but wondered if other hospitals that i approach would view it the same?
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  3. by   Silverdragon102
    I had no problems endorcing from NY to AZ but couldn't endorse until I had CES. A lot depends on state requirements and whether they will issue hard license for you to endorse
  4. by   suzanne4
    You will need to meet the requirements of the new state for endorsement. Many want the CES, example, and if you go thru a state that did not need it, you will need to get it to endorse.
  5. by   newbiern2000
    hi suzanne.. what if i'm a California nclex-rn passer but i do not have my license yet and my petitioner/employer can give me a maryland SSN, can i work there??
  6. by   Silverdragon102
    Quote from newbiern2000
    hi suzanne.. what if i'm a California nclex-rn passer but i do not have my license yet and my petitioner/employer can give me a maryland SSN, can i work there??
    Not sure how your employer can give you a Maryland SSN as SSN are nation wide and you can't get one until in the US with a valid work permit. If you want to get a license in ML then the sticky California for initial application has the information you need to follow. You are still looking at a long process due to retrogression
  7. by   dave787
    you will only ave one SSN and thats a lifetime. no matter how many times you trasfer to another state you will still use the one that is assigned to you.
  8. by   suzanne4
    Employers do not have the capability of issuing a SSN# to you and there is only one that you get when you have a visa to be able to work in the US; and it is good for life and for the entire US.

    They are not state specific as licenses are, but are issued by a federal agecny.

    So not sure how they told you that they would get you one for that state, there is no such thing. And if they told you that specifically, then you need to find another employer.
  9. by   pinklemonade17
    Hi suzanne I recently passed the NCLEX exam for the state of the california but now I'm planning on transferring my application to virginia. I do not have a ssn number yet nor a license, just a letter saying that I passed the NCLEX exam. Should I transfer through endorsement or through examination? And if it's through examination, do I still have to take the CGFNS exam or just endorse the letter stating that I passed the NCLEX exam? thank you so much and God bless
  10. by   Silverdragon102
    You have no license to endorse so have to complete license for application and ask Ca, for a small fee, to forward your NCLEX results to the new state. You have to meet the state requirements for foreign trained nurse and if that is CGFNS exam then you have to complete it, if CES from CGFNS then you have to do it etc

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  11. by   pinklemonade17
    Thank you so much for the info silverdragon
  12. by   pinklemonade17
    Silverdragon I have another question. According to the Virginia BON website, the CGFNS examination consists of a credentials review, a one-day test and TOEFL. I have been informed that I need to pass an English proficiency exam as a requirement by the US immigration. Does it mean that if I pass the TOEFL I do not have to take the IELTS?
  13. by   Silverdragon102
    Both TOEFL and IELTS is accepted for immigration so if you pass TOEFL for Virginia and CGFNS exam then it will be OK for VSC