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After a few weeks of waiting, I finally got the result of the exam that I took last May 30. I really feel happy because I know that He is working in me whether I am faithful or not. His goodness in... Read More

  1. by   Trophy.Nurse
    I don't know what the IELTS is, but I'll join you in your praise session - He surely deserves it! - & offer my belated congratulations!
  2. by   Silverdragon102
    IELTS is a type of English exam that many countries require if English is not first language. Saying that the UK and Australia require IELTS now even if English is first language
  3. by   janus
    1. Have patience and determination. As i only practice by self review its difficult to establish a routine by yourself similar to review ctr organization so discipline is all you got. Absytaining from temptation to break your habbit like games, online chatting , going out with friends is really more interesting than focusing on IELTS review, but always bear in mind this hardship is just temporary and long lasting success will be on the way.
    2. Accept that English mastery is very diffult and that it takes months to amny years for an individual to attain. If it is necessary for you to go back on your basic English grammra so be it, if this the only effective way and the only way. Dont grab Ielts reviewr if you attain a very low score(6 and below)
    3. Accept that there is an individual differences. This is some how challenging and degrading if the result esp. on the review time will come out, some individuals attain a very high score even they spent short period of reviewing compare to an individual who is spending 1 year to 2 year of review and had took the exam for 3 times yet is still fauled.
    4, Always bel;ieve in the principle of practice. Ielts succes can rely on the awareness of the exam format and that repetitively answering practicwe exams in time condition is effective way to ace the exams.
    Always familiarize the rules of the exam, I mean all the strategies and hints in order to select the correct answer. for me I advise to focus too much on IELTS 101 and all the answering tip found in every book, IELTS secrets "GIVE WHAT THE MONKEY WANTS"
    5.Never ever scheduled for the exam irf you were not able to gauge your expected bandscore, review books are mostly standardized and the result you get is likely ther predictor of what you might get. For instance if your having a hard time attaining 7 in ospaeking , or overall then dont be in a hurry and dont worry. Always manage to find solutions on every problems again practice practice.
    Addendum...PRAYERS, never Underestimate the PILOT of our futures.
  4. by   NiaThereze
    All praise and glory be to God! :-)
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    to God be the Glory! very inspiring!
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    Indeed! super inspiring! Congrats to the thread starter! =D