30,000 Additional Green Cards

  1. Hi all.......

    I have just heard a news that 30,000 new extra green cards are issued as a temporory relief to nurses who are in the green card process.I dont know whether it is true or just a rumour.Can anyone tell me about it......

    If it is true...we can all have a party........! lets hope for the best.

    If it is a rumour sorry in advance.

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  3. by   mpoova
    From where you heard the news....

    Legislation needed for this and US congress has to start this...
  4. by   english_nurse
    sounds like a rumour im sorry
  5. by   suzanne4
    Rumor indeed, nothing will be available at least until the summer. It will take a couple of months for anything to get approved, and then it is another 90 days before the visas are there to be used. Nothing is ever instant.

    And if they did become available, they would go to those that have PD dates from several years ago, not to those that are just starting the process. Like just what happened last month, but it was only about one thousand or so that had not been used.