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hi guys.. just need some advise here... ill be a dad soon and wanted to work there at the soonest possible time.. here's the thing.. my fiance is a us imigrant and so our kid will also be.. shall i... Read More

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    Hi Suzanne! i should i still write or include in the nclex application for CA that i passed the June 2006 board exam? i had the retake last june 2007 for just tests 3 and 5. would there be a problem if i didn't write or mention it? because we have to have a certifcate from the dole that we passed the retake before they issue us a visa screen certificate... thank you!
    Yes, there would be a problem of not mentioning. It is the same as not giving complete and truthful information to them. And can actually prevent someone from getting a license at all. And most importantly, a Visa Screen Certificate.

    They are verifying all of the information that you list, and it must match what you gave to the BRN. To do otherwise can hold up your application for sometime.

    Everyone that has anything to do with licensing and immigration is well aware that it is required for you to rewrite that exam to be able to work in the US. Makes no sense to withhold the info, can only cause you bad problems. Remember that when you submit any type of application for licensure or immigration and it asks for your signature; you are signing that the information that you are giving is 100% truthful to the best of your knowledge. To not give all that they want, can get you banned from getting a license in that state, or having long term issues with immigration. Not good in any case.
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    thanks suzanne!=)