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Hi all, I just wanted to know something you get your green card from OGP once you start your 18 month contract, do we have green cards forever or do at some point do we become citizens. Reason why im... Read More

  1. by   english_nurse
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    hello english nurse i have another post that answers your last question..xx
    hmmm so i see, i have just posted there
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    well, im going to have my degree before i move over there as the immigration is a LOOOOONG process, but you dont need a degree to work over there just a diploma. The reason why im going to do the degree, because i want to do post graduate study in the usa, if you dont have a degree its well, a bit of a headache if you want to sort out about further study , and because our training is nothing like it in the USA, im going to jump at the chance of getting my Bachelors once qualified. It purely depends on your cicrumstances and what you want. If when you go over there you just want to do travel nursing after your 18 month contract for example, or take a contract up at a hospital you will only need your diploma but if your looking at more extended roles in the future like Nurse Practitioner or CRNA which is what im interested in, a Bachelors degree is a big MUST. hope this helps..xx
    I have a degree and nobody really cares, plus I have done half of my masters. As long as you have your RN licence as a foreign nurse, then it may be best to do post grad studies over here, as they are more easily recognised. Just a thought to save you money
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    ok madwife, but i emailed 10 different university's and they said i would need my bachelors to go onto the CRNA program. If not, what is the Diploma of Higher Education equivalent too??.. xx
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    I am not saying dont do it, I am saying do it over here. When your credentials are evaluated they are only looking for a RN not anything more. If you do your BSN over here I feel, but remember only my opinion not anybody elses, it will look better on paper.
  5. by   Nurse2BMonique21
    ok thanks x