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That was the cost of our medicals not including train and taxi at least it done and out of the way we feel exhausted from it all but all went well fingers crossed just to complet on the house and the... Read More

  1. by   Belinda-wales
    Did I mention that we also missed our train home- mainly down to the fact that the doctor was so chatty he could have talked a glass eye to sleep.
    He was really nice though saying how fit we were as a family we are not by the way. Then he went in to deep conisation about the US medicals and how they will be changing in the near future they will be looking more closely at poeple with very raised BMI. I was having to hurry him along he was nice made us laugh
  2. by   english_nurse
    they said that to me too i have a raised BMI but as i have no related problems (yet) like raised BP diabetes etc they said it shouldnt be a problem but if the embassy did ask me to say i had just joined a slimming club and was on a diet!
    i suppose they have a big obesity problem there and dont want to add to it by having a load of fatties emmigrate there
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  3. by   RGN1
    Quote from Belinda-wales
    It was four two adults and three children with vacs for the baby x 2 and one for me my poor arm.( But to be fair the vacs were cheaper at the medical than what my GP was charging so we new we had to get some as my surgery have been really unhelpful)

    Hope that helps
    That really helped because I will be facing the same kind of bill - 2 adults & 3 kids! Forewarned is forarmed, in more ways than one by the sounds of it!

    Can I be even nosier & ask what the vacs were? PM if you'd prefer not to broadcast (only if you don't mind of course).