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Hi i am from Scotland i just sat my nclex and failed. I have 10 yrs experience... I need help i practiced qs looked at the rationales, critical thinking skills.. Used Kaplan. I dont know how to approach it the next time.


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I trained in the UK way back in 86 and passed on 3rd attempt after finding Saunders comprehensive review. Also used NCSBN

Review for the exam as if you haven't sat the exam before but also as a new grad. Forget about your current nursing experience as the exam is aimed at new grads. Practice questions and read the rationale. I did 2 hours a day when working and 4 hours a day when not working for 2-3 months and that I felt was enough for me but you need to decide what you can do


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thankyou for ur reply. I will try what u have recomended. Its very wearing doing this test, I had no idea how it would make me feel. Thanks again


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