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Interested in Infusion Nursing

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Dear Nurse Beth,

I am currently working on a telemetry floor. I am grateful for my job but I really do not like what I am doing. I was looking to explore other nursing career options. Lately, I have been interested in infusion nursing. Are you familiar with what infusion nurses do?

Dear Interested,

Infusion nurses initiate and maintain intravenous lines and tubing, administer medication and fluid therapy, and educate families on line maintenance and treatment. An infusion nurse can work in any practice setting, from a patient's home to a clinic to acute care.

Autonomy: It offers autonomy because while you are part of a team, you practice independently. You may travel or you may be in a center where patients come to you.

Expertise/Resource: It carries responsibility and authority. You assume the role of subject matter expert in infusion therapy. You are seen as the infusion expert on the team, and other healthcare members will defer to your expertise.

Professional Development: There is so much to learn because of all the different modalities. There's midlines, central lines, PICC lines, external jugulars, tunneled central lines. There's insertion, maintenance (declotting), assessment. 

Patient Contact: There would be patient contact and a lot of patient education. Some patients receive long-term therapy and you would be developing long-term trusting relationships.

Influence: As an infusion nurse, you can implement best practice and influence infection prevalence. If you become an infusion nurse, definitely join the Infusion Nurses Society. They will be your reference for all things infusion- care, maintenance, flushing- practice standards for your infusion practice. As a member, get a copy of the 2016 Standards of Practice. You will wonder how you ever practiced without it.

Best wishes on your decision,

Nurse Beth

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NRSKarenRN has 40 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in Vents, Telemetry, Home Care, Home infusion.

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Check out the numerous posts in AN's Infusion Nursing Forum: https://allnurses.com/infusion-intravenous-c17/

My first home care agency was involved in infusion nursing... that was wow. 30yrs ago (time flies).  They were subcontractor for seven infusion companies and were one of few agencies administering blood products in the home obtained from the Red Cross. 

I took 2 courses from Perivascular Nurse Consultants including IV & venipuncture certification along with PICC line placement to validate my knowledge + skills.  See if similar education available in your area.  Only downside was living in  SE corner of PA near 2 states, covered 5 county Philadelphia area, Southern NJ and northern Delaware -- travel averaged 75-125 miles some days.  Best homecare position as I love to drive + travel unknown roads.   🙂

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