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I am interviewing tomorrow for the position of intake coordinator. I have only been a nurse for 6 months, but the recuiter said she thought I was perfect for the job. Has anyone ever heard of getting this typr of job with so little experience? I'm not sure what to think. Any Comments?


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I would certainly hope that you get one good orientation and one stupendous cheat sheet. I applied for a job that I wasn't quite qualified for, but had been told that there was going to be good training. Unfortunately, as much as I wanted the position, they decided not to hire anyone. Any job can be learned, but it helps to have an experienced resource person around, excellent training, and printed guidelines.

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I wont hire a nurse without 2-3 years experience as LPN/RN. Need to have broad knowledge many diseases and have understanding what insurance plans cover....been burned by staff with less experience than that.

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