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does anyone have any good chem sites???? i am finding the math & formula's for this class very difficult to remember. i am using a tape recoeder, constantly listening to it. my instructor is a very nice man, but goes so fast that it is very hard to follow. any help would be appreciated.

thanks a bunch, lisa:)

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HOney i can't help you with this one. I am sorry.......



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check, it might have inorganic biochemistry, not sure. I would just use a search for it.

My chem instructor told us that inorganic biochemistry is a lot of memorization.

Good Luck !:cool:

SusanRN2004, RN

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The two I found helpful for general chemistry are:

Chemistry Functions:

General Chemistry online:

Good Luck:cool:


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great, thanks for the help. Let me know if there is anything that I can help you with



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Hi Lisa,

Right now I'm thinking I'm glad I am not in your Program. As if Bichemistry isn't hard enough, Inorganic Biochem?! ?!?!

I don't know of any websites but when I had to take Organic Chem and Molecular Bio. I used a medium sized dry erase board that I purchased from Wal Mart to write out my formulas and steps to changes in chem and molecular structure.

I never really understood chem but was able to meagerly pass by using the erase board to test myself and memorize all that stuff.

Good luck,


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