My first PICC line!

  1. Whoo!!! I insterted my first PICC today using the Bard site rite and power picc! I am a CCL/IR RN and I'm new to the hospital. After watching my co-workers for a month or so and waiting for the "good learning experience" I finally got to do it. I can't tell you how good it made me feel to see "catheter tip in lower third of SVC"!!! I can't wait to place many more!

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  3. by   muffie
    kewl !!!!!
  4. by   ART96
    Hello Nurse With Heart. I saw your post for your first PICC line. That is exciting. We are trying desperately to get a PICC program started in my area. Of course only using the Bard Site Rite and power PICC. This is my first time ever longing onto this site. So I am new. Congratulations to you.
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  6. by   st4304
    Congrats! You will soon become addicted (if you are not already) to the challenge of finding that perfect vein!

    May all your PICCs go to SVC,

  7. by   mom2thegov
    I began inserting PICC's in the 90's, but have been doing everything else in nursing since. I have recently joined an IV team and learned all the new PICC technology. It is not as easy as it looks. I know that great feeling of success. I am very proud of you and for you. Best of luck to you for continued success. Keep us in touch. What part of the country do you work and in what arena? IV team or infusion company etc...? How are you paid? I am curious as to what the going trend is. We need to be making good money since this really is a specialized area. Hope all continues to be smooth threading.
    Go Girl.
  8. by   bobnurse