First PICC insertion!

  1. I just placed my first ultrasound guided PICC yesterday!!! It was a freaking awesome experience. I still have to get 2 more successful insertions before I can place them by myself but I am on my way!
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  3. by   Esme12
  4. by   francoml
    Thank you !!!
  5. by   Carpediem1012
    Way to go! How cool is that?
  6. by   iluvivt
    Placing three PICCs to be deemed competent is a very small number because research shows that it takes 25-50 PICC insertions before one is competent. I think you will struggle less if you have a decent number of insertions under your belt before they let you loose. I speak from experience as I have been placing PICCs lines since 1989. It is quite an exciting specialty in my book and I still love it. Congratulations but keep on learning and do not sell yourself short on the education as it will pay off!
  7. by   blinknik04
    Congrats! I just started learning to place PICCs as well! I have done about 5 on my own sucessfully. I will probably do at least another 10-15 before I am off of orientation though.
  8. by   yrmajesty3
    I just started my PICC insertion orientation. Yesterday I saw my first four as I was only scheduled to observe at first. I do have a few questions for you experienced gals. First...I saw the nurse use the same needle at least 4 or 5 times in search of a viable vein in the same arm. Is this an acceptable practice? Should she have used a different catheter with each attempt? Second...When you use lido to numb the area of introducer insertion, do you inject one area (one puncture) or all around the insertion site( several punctures)?
  9. by   wyosamRN
    A single should be fine- you know exactly where you're going, so numbing a small area should be sufficient.
  10. by   bethchpn
    Totally agree with iluvivt. Don't let them put you out on your own after 3 PICCs. It is a cost saving technique for the hospital but you will be much happier if you get more experience if you do more with an experienced RN. In our hospital now we have to watch 5 and do 10 with someone watching but I don't even know if that is enough.
  11. by   Amitg
    is it necessary to observe the patient after picc line insertion?