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Rant here:

I just started my first "real and full" semester as a pre-core student and I feel overwhelmed. I'm taking 9 classes, which is equal to 12 credits. I went online to get the course info and handouts and just looking around and wow! This is the first time I've been in school for about 8 years and its so much different than high school. There are so many papers due and projects in formats I've never heard of. Where are my classes? What if I can't do all of my work? There is a lot of work to do! I've heard the one day at a time thing but I don't know how to pull it off, time management isn't my best skill but I never put things off to the last minute. Is all of this normal? It will go away, right?


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Just try to calm down about it. If it makes you nervous, don't looks at any extra info they put out that you don't need. Any formats you need to know will be taught to you, so don't let them confuse you. Don't ask yourself "what if I can do all of my work" just believe you will make time for it. Developing time management is something you'll have to learn over time, but you will learn it. I think once you get into all the work and start seeing the program unfold you'll get used to the pace of things. Nursing isn't an easy program, so just set yourself up for being overwhelmed at times and know that it is normal. Good luck!

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Prioritize. Print out a huge calender and tape it somewhere you will see every day. Write down all the due dates for projects/papers and the dates of exams. I find that when I write down everything thats due or an exam date I can get that heavy burden out of my mind. I don't have to feel like I'm missing anything since its right there in my face.

Then, do a little each time. Make a huge time line if you must for a project and document day by day when you're going to complete doing this and that by the due date.

Study a little each time, for every credit hour you should prepare/study 2-3 hours. So, plan on studying atleast 2 hours for each 3-credit course you're taking. If you can't then you can do the rest the next day. You have to discipline yourself this way to succeed. You can be flexible, just don't put it off. Make sure its done and you'll have the rest of the day to yourself. :]


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I live by my Google Calendar and Google Tasks. Plan out your entire semester at the beginning-that way you wont be surprised. Then, make a task list for each day/week/homework session or however you prefer. The biggest thing is to prioritize. If that english paper is due 2 days from now, should you REALLY be spending your time and energy on the textbook questions assignment that is due next week? You can make it through! Just wait until your first day of nursing school-You will look back and laugh :D (it's either that or cry)


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I tend to think the beginning of a semester is pretty much always like that. Well for me it is. It takes about 2-3 weeks for me to familiarize myself with the syllabus and memorize it by heart. As mentioned write a schedule!

I would also look at the course requirements frequently (daily) Even if you have them marked on your calender, you will have gone over the information so much it will become second nature to you. By looking at all 4 of mine daily for the first few weeks I am reminding myself of research projects that are due by the end of Feb..therefore I have already signed up for 2 that will go towards my grade. Papers or projects that are due a month, 2 months or at the end of the semester, start them now. By memory I know that I have a quiz due every Tues in Psych and my A&P professor will give us one every tues as well.

We have an interactive system online which most schools have, that allow you to see grades; know when things are due and have discussions. I strongly urge you to utilize that system.

By using all of the schools resources (library, computers, labs, study sessions,extra class time,extra books, websites, flashcards etc) you will be able to get a better flow of how to manage your time with your studies. Keep a centralized location where you can write down all the upcoming projects and dates to meet those deadlines.

What has helped me the most....reading the course materials over and over and over and over again. (example the blackboard system)

I hope this helps a little.


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Thanks guys. I've been away for a little bit. I'm in my 3rd week and it's going ok. Still a little bit of an overload but I'm getting used to it.