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Information on importance of nursing approach.


Im searching for some information on the affects of nursing approach on patients. How a nurses harsh or nuturing approach can actually change how the patients status may worsen or improve. I've been searching for an article or something talking about this with no luck.

Thanks !

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What keywords are you using in your search?

I'm thinking you might find something in articles on "caring," or "comfort." Katherine Kolcaba's theory on comfort includes psychological comfort, so there might be something there.

Other possibilities off the top of my head: "Bedside manner" "non-verbal communication" etc.

What have you been searching under?

I've been searching under "affects of nursing approach" "nursing personalities"

I look under that theory too thank you.

If a person feels safe and secure this will affect their brain waves, and vital signs. If a person feels unsafe or fearful it will cause a fight or flight response that will increase their vital signs, and alter their brainwaves. I would be looking under how the body reacts to emotional stress and how the body reacts to relaxation techniques.


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google therapeutic communication nursing