I am looking for fellow RNs opinions and experiences. I am a travel nurse working in CA. The hospital I work at will give me three cervidil inductions. I have only ever worked in CA and have never had more than two of these type of patients. I feel this is unsafe patient care and it is a definite risk to my license. They put these patients on the antepartum unit until they are active. These patients still need to be continously monitored. At one point I had an "active" labor patient (one of the cervidil patients) plus my other two for a few hours until the change of shift. Even though there were rooms available in L&D. I have spoke to my agency to no avail. This is not the only incident that has happened. One time I had a baby who didn't transition well and the mom was bleeding. I was expected to give meds to mom and provide support to the baby for a few minutes until NICU arrived. I was the only RN in the room until then. Not one person came to help, even though I asked. Of course my priority was the baby, but the mom didn't deserve less care. It has been so frustrating. Has anyone ever had three inductions?


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On our unit, you might have 2 inductions if they're primips or things are moving slowly, but if things get moving, we rearrange assignments based on acuity. Most of us don't have 3 patients unless they're 3 stable pretermers. Are you working outside of CA now? I know standards are different outside of here, and we have some of lowest patient ratios in the US.


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I'm in Raleigh and we are one to one. However, we may have 2 inductions, or an induction and an active patient.


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I am workng in CA. I only have a CA license and have only ever worked in CA.


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Where I work it's very similar to how RunBaby explained her unit to be like. I have never had 3 inductions at the same time, ugh. I only had 3 patients at the same time once, very briefly until assignments were changed, but they weren't inductions and were stable antes/pre-termers at the time. As we know things can change rapidly in L&D though. If it's an unstable or active patient it's always 1:1 here. The only time we are doubled up is if it's absolutely swamped and two stable patients (including 2 primip inductions). That is too bad that no one is seeming to address this. Keep speaking up.