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I know this is probably in the wrong forum, but I figured I might get a better response here. Our hospital is considering adding Amesthesia induction rooms for all of our ORs. Does anybody here work at a hospital with the rooms? What's the Pros\Cons of them? It just seems like they are trying to spend money.


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Basically the room is just for putting people to sleep? I would think that could be a little dangerous because the patient would then have to be transported to another room while under full anesthesia. They would have to have total portable monitors for that I would think.


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How long does it take to do the induction at your hospital- for us


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Also, think about having to have the whole OR staff transporting the patient, the monitors, etc... from room to room. That would really be a waste.

Are they trying to limit the patient's view of the OR or something?



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Looks like this thread died. I am still curious to see what everyone else thinks on this topic.



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The whole OR staff wouldn't be transporting, just the anesthetist and probably the circulator. The induction rooms arent far from the OR, in fact they lead into the OR. and our anesthesia monotors are portable. But they are stil adament on having them, but it's up to anesthesia's discretion whether or not to use them. Basicall it's a waste of money that could be used for other things that need to be done in the hospital. Also, in response to the transporting them under GA, there are pts that are transported for them ICU who are sedated and on a vent all the time, that's not really an issue, but good point!


from the time in the room from the time the MD starts prepping is about 20 minutes b\c our anesthesia staff starts the IV in the OR b\c the lighting in the holding area and the pre-op rooms is terrible and it's hard to get a line start in them. Like I said they are just trying to waste money I guess! I'll keep you guys informed on what the decisions are b\c the board is meeting on tuesday to decide. Most of the staff i.e. nurses, CRNAs, and MDAs are opposed b\c it's just a waste to have them.



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