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Indonesian Nurse working in Colorado

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My fiance is from Indonesia and has a nursing degree/license/work experience there. I believe she has an RN license in Indonesian. We will be getting married in the next few months, and a few months later she will have a temporary green card and work authorization.

We want to look into the requirements for her to work as a nurse in Colorado, but I'm having some trouble understanding the Colorado Board of Nursing website. I was hoping you guys can review what I've understood so far and see if I've made any mistakes.

The Colorado Board of Nursing website lists the following licensing requirements

Click Here

According to this, anyone with a foreign license hoping to take the nursing test in Colorado to be an RN must first work with CGFNS to get the "Healthcare Profession and Science Course-by-Course Report."

I could not find any mention of this on CGFNS's website. I would guess this is what they call the "Credentials Evaluation Service Professional Report" now? It seems to cover the same basics.

Assuming it is, it seems to ask for the following:

-Secondary School Information

During the application, please submit a photocopy of your secondary school diploma or external exam certificate for the highest level of secondary education you have received.

So she needs a photocopy of her high school diploma??? That seems a bit drastic, but I can see if she has it.

-License / Registration / Diploma Information

Validations of all licenses/registrations/diplomas are required. This includes:

Licenses/registrations/diplomas that are currently held, or have ever been held

Licenses/registrations/diplomas in all international jurisdictions

Only licenses/registrations/diplomas for the profession that is being screened

To submit this information:

Download the personalized "Request for Validation of License/Registration/Diploma" form from within CGFNS Connect

Deliver it to the appropriate source organization

Looking at the form sample they list, it appears that they want the school / licensing organization that gave her the nursing license to fill out the paperwork and return it to them. I'm worried about how long this might take, as she's only going to be in Indonesia for another month or so.

Professional Education Information

Please submit a complete academic record or transcript from all relevant educational institutions for the profession being screened.

To submit this information:

Download the personalized "Request for Academic Records/ Transcripts" form from within CGFNS Connect

Deliver it to the appropriate source organization

In this section it appears to be like the prior one, but they want the school that gave her the nursing degree to fill it out and return it.

So far so good, although I'm worried about the timing. It seems like all she has to do for the first stage is sign up for the CGFNS website, pay their fee, and send the paperwork to her Indonesian University and Indonesian nursing license office, and they return it directly to CGFNS. Is that correct?

So, after that, looking at the Registered Nurse Online Checklist from the Colorado Board of Nursing:


It looks like she needs the following:

-Affidavit of Eligibility

----After our visa work is done, she should have the required documentation to meet Section B, so I think this is no problem.

-Provide evidence of having completed an approved nursing education program.

----This would be the CGFNS material outlined above.

-English test

----Also CGFNS, as per CGFNS website they certify IELTS or TOEFL scores, and AFAIK she can take one of those tests while she is in the US.

-Register for NCLEX

----I don't foresee any problems here?

-Complete an Online Healthcare Professions Profile

----I don't foresee any problems here?

-Screening Questions

----Are foreign nationals required to provide a police history report that proves a lack of criminal history in their home country? And if so, does it have to be translated by any particular certified source?


----Also not an issue, she will get one.


----This section is hazy for me, I looked at the linked website but most of it is Greek to me and I'm not seeing anything in particular she has to do. It seems like this is a catch-all for 'we don't want to give you a license for XYZ reason', is that the case?

-Verify other licenses

----This is part of the CGFNS process, correct?

So, in summary, as best I can tell based on what I read above, in order for an Indonesian nurse to become a nurse in Colorado she needs to:

  1. Have a nursing degree
  2. Have a nursing license
  3. Have experience working as a nurse (she has about 5 years worth)
  4. Have work and living authorization for America
  5. Have a social security number

And then before leaving Indonesia she needs to:

  1. Get a copy of her high school diploma and send it to CGFNS
  2. Sign up for CGFNS, and send their request forms to her school and licensing organization
  3. Take the TOEFL or IELTS test and send the results to CGFNS
  4. Get a police report for herself (????)

And finally she needs to:

  1. Fill out the affidavit of eligibility
  2. Sign up for the NCLEX
  3. Sign up for the HPP website
  4. Answer the screening questions.

Is that all correct? If so I think we can do it in time, but I appreciate any information, feedback, concerns or corrections you can give me.


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The report required from the CGFNS is CES which means credentials evaluation service which offers 2 types of evaluations and the state is requesting a specific one Healthcare Profession and Science Course-by-Course Report which is here Credentials Evaluation Service Academic Report | CGFNS International | Global Credibility

They need a copy of her high school if less than 10 years since at school as this schools that she meets the US requirements for schooling and that it is on par to US schooling. Some countries do not meet their requirement.

She has to get the form completed by her licensing body if she has a license. Many times they deal with stuff like this when the person is out of the country. Usually can be posted to them with whatever fee is requires and posted to CGFNS in a signed and sealed envelope. (as should any documents sent from an establishment)

Yes she also needs her nursing school to complete a form, this shows her course requirements and what hours both clinically and theory she did (transcripts)

Do not register with pearsonvue for NCLEX until she has the OK from the BON that she meets requirements because the process as an IEN can take 4-6 months as long as no issues.

English exam is not always required as it varies from state to state

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last time I did CGNFS for CES they waived having the High School Diploma

But get it while she is there, and also have her school contact here when they are done with the CES and have them seal the flap and then have her mail it in via LBC, Don't use regular mail because it can take months.

Also have her go to PRC and have them fill out the VOL on license and I would also send that in via LBC.

LBC should run about 1200 to 1700 peso, LBC will be transferred to DHL once it hit USA soil.

Call the BON and ask them any questions you have, I find that you may have to call twice to confirm things or just ask for a supervisor and get his name and email and communicate directly with him/her at the BON.

I would also pay for expedited processing just to be sure it gets done quicker, but it cost. That way if they have any issues or her school makes a mistake in sending the items you can address while she is still in her home country.

Good luck

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Also have her go to PRC and have them fill out the VOL on license and I would also send that in via LBC.

They are not in the Philippines but Indonesia

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Why the academic and not the professional report? Isn't the academic mostly for applying to schools?

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Both are accepted usually by the state but some states will specify. If you know there are plans for future continued education then I would go with the academic report as this can be used and just requires a small fee to forward to the school/university etc otherwise may have to do it costing a bit more $$

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Hi, my case is very similar to your fiancé. I am a nurse and moving to US soon. I am not very clear about the police history report??? Please clarify?

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