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i just graduated from an lpn program and am preparing to take the state boards. i'm moving to indy in july and starting an rn program in the fall. can anyone recommend good places to work part time while attending school? please include starting pay, type of facility, flexibility etc. thanks.........chris

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I loved the VA. Did the ADN bridge program at Marian College, graduated in 94.


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any other indianapolis area nurses??


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Community Hospitals.......South, East, North, Anderson.....go to and check it out. Been there 15 yrs. I like it very much....


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Just want to say that the web site for Community hosp is I looked at the site, was very nice and I emailed the recruiter, haven't heard anything yet, but it does seem nice. Thanks for everyone;s help,


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I don't know what websites you have checked out for the different hospitals here in indianapolis but there are a bunch of them. Along with community, there is, and These three, would probably be the three largest here in Indianapolis. I would check with them first and see what they have to offer if you want to begin in a large hospital. Hope that gets you started!!

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